Saturday, December 9, 2017

Concepts You Need to Know to Increase Your Wealth!

At a glance, income, investment and wealth seem to be similar and we do not pay any particular attention to these things. However, if we analyse deeply there are some fundamental differences between these things and knowing these differences can help us better devise our financial goals in our life and thus achieve financial security.


Income is something that you earn on a regular basis from either your work or investment. If you are earning an income from a job, it is important to note that this income is a trade-off for the time you devote to that job. If you do not or cannot devote your time, you lose your income. For instance, if you become sick and are unable to work, then your income will stop. However, if you are earning an income from an investment, such as dividend from stocks, rental income from your properties, passive income from your blog and so on, you will receive an income without devoting your time. Since there is no need to swap your limited time for this income, the potential of you earning this income is technically unlimited.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Money Saving Tips for Nepalese in Australia

Living in Australia is quite expensive and it is often challenging to manage the expenses even when you have a job. Sometimes you are earning enough to meet the expenses but you want to save some money so that you could go on a trip to Great Ocean Road or a movie with friends. Whatever the reason, you can save hundreds of dollars each year by being little bit smarter in the major things you do. Below are some of the tips I think will be useful for anyone who wants to minimise the expenses so that they can increase their savings.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

IPOs vs FDI - A paradox of Billions of Rupees!

Image Credit: Continental Currency
I have been watching out for investment opportunities in the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in Nepal through Share Sansar, a very useful source of information for potential investors. I would like to do a little bit of marketing here - I have enjoyed surfing through ShareSansar. Although not perfect, it has been one of the greatest source of investment information for me.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Consequences of Negativity in Entrepreneurship


What is negativity?

Negativity is the rumours or news about something bad happening, has happened and/or will happen.
Negativity rooted in the politics of the country is highly prevalent in Nepal. However, negativity comes from everywhere, from social events that go wrong to the celebrity scandal, to the statement of the Indian officials as well as commoners and so on. There is no limit for negativity. People living within Nepal and abroad, all gossip about the bads and wrongs. The media loves negativity.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

CISA National Conference 2016 Report

I feel privileged to get an opportunity to Represent La Trobe University in the CISA National Conference 2016. I am sincerely grateful to the university's administration, for providing me this
Collage showing the different activities that took place during the conference
opportunity. I have now prepared a summary report of my conference experience which I am going to share in this post. I hope it will enable you to know what we did and learnt in the meantime.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Social Innovation Workshop by Dr Julie Roberts

Design Cycle
Dr Julie Roberts, the Social Innovation Project Manager at Central Queensland University, initiated a social innovation workshop followed by a competition under the theme, “Bridging the gap between domestic and international students” during the CISA National Conference 2016, which I discussed in the previous post. She taught us the “Human-centred Design Thinking” technique to address the social problems.

Design thinking is an emerging technique that is being highly popular in different types of organisations to solve complex problems. The example of the products resulted from human-centred design thinking that were discussed include

Friday, July 8, 2016

Representing La Trobe in CISA National Conference 2016

I would like to #BreakBarriers of blogging and would like to give continuity to blogging which I had slowed down since arriving to Australia for various reasons. In this post, I am going to discuss my first ever experience of attending a Conference and reflect upon the lessons I learnt there.

A Very Positive Experience

It was an amazing experience to represent my University, La Trobe, in the Council of International Students (CISA) National Conference 2016 that was held in Darwin between July 5-8. The Conference was fantastic opportunity to meet with lots of fellow students from different universities in different states and coming from diverse backgrounds and listen to their student stories and issues. Also we got chance to hear from different stakeholders such as industry delegates, education officers and the immigration officer to name a few. It was very delighting to learn about the huge amount of efforts that different organisations are putting forth for improving the educational experience of international students which made me feel really grateful.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Featured in La Trobe Times

My Picture from the Photo-shoot!
I feel honoured to be featured in La Trobe Times's blog as a model international student along with other high achieving international students. I am particularly grateful to Helen Zhang, one of the International Student Services Coordinators, who recommended me to Florence Pilkington for this publication. Florence organised a photo shoot and interviewed me to publish my profile. My profile covers my achievements during my first five months of studying at La Trobe as well as my life in Melbourne so far. I am very delighted to receive such a recognition from my university for my simple deeds of volunteering and engaging within the university.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Early Bird Catches the Worm

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It's really really important to have an early start in life! This has been my new mantra for my life. This is true for almost everything, although it's not a good idea to generalize something! However, I just wanted to emphasize how important it is to be early in doing something.

A hypothetical example

Let me give you a hypothetical example to help you understand what I mean. Suppose, I graduated recently from my university, but didn't work while I was in my college or the university. This will translate into facing difficulty in getting a job after graduation. Employer always want people who have both academic qualification and some work experience. So, if you are early enough to realize this and start somewhere to collect work experience, say through volunteering or internship even if you cannot get a regular job, then you will be more qualified, more eligible and more likely to get a job. You will definitely increase the prospects of finding a job soon after your graduation.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Why I want to be called an entrepreneur and not a businessperson?

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There are many ways in which entrepreneurs appear similar to businesspersons. However, I want to be known as an entrepreneur rather than a businessman.

In my opinion, businesspersons are profit driven and have aim to accumulate vast amount of wealth. Their motive for wealth creation might serve many purposes including personal satisfaction and competitive feeling. Probably that is why they take less risky decisions and thus go for established businesses practices rather than trying out newer highly innovative approaches.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Entrepreneurship - The only realistic way to develop Nepal

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Almost every citizen of our country is concerned about the development of our nation. I am not an exception and I want to tackle this broad subject of country's development. It's too big a task to be accomplished by a single person and we all need to realize this fact as the first step towards our patriotic goal.

Work in Team, Think in Isolation

Therefore, we need to forget for a moment that we want to develop Nepal. Then think. What are the ways in which I can contribute to my country? Think with "I" mindset, not "We" mindset. This is really important. If we think as "We" then you'll not feel responsible enough. Work in team, but think in isolation. I think this is the right strategy for us now.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Why do we need more entrepreneurs in Nepal?


Nepal has more general problems than we people have ever imagined. Politics is not the real problem in my opinion. This is an imaginary problem which gets solved once all the political parties declare that there is no problem among them! The other real problems are many.

The unplanned urbanization, uncontrolled use of pesticides, pollution, deforestation, scattered settlement of people, subsistence way of people's life, poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy are some of the major problems which revolve around people's lifestyles. These are difficult to change and address because they are multi-faceted. For example, to lead a good quality of life one needs to have the knowledge and education first, then a willpower and courage to execute, and then the economic resources to support the ideal lifestyle, and finally the consistent motivation to persist the change. All these are difficult and cannot be done overnight.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Concept of Sport Megacity

You don't have to be crazy to think crazy and there is no limit for dreams and ambitions! Today I would like to unveil my most ambitious (project) thought regarding building something - a sport mega-city. I have some other innovative plans or concepts for entrepreneurship. I have kept those business plans
A very rough outline of the city!
confidential and to myself so that I can execute them later. However, this concept is too big for me to ever be able to execute myself and I want to initiate some actions (even just discussion) on this mega-project right from now so that it could take shape sooner, if ever at all.

Initially I didn't want to make this plan public. So, I had created a Google Document, made a rough draft of my idea or vision and added my talented and capable friends as contributors to the document, so that they could offer suggestions, add their own visions, and finally help me refine and construct a full fledged plan. However, this idea turned out to be impractical as my friends had their own responsibilities and obligations to meet. Therefore, I am bringing forth this idea into a public place.