My friends loathed the subject what they used to refer as "POM", a shorthand for the Principles of Management. Even the books adapted to suit the University's syllabus were quite voluminous. Since this subject had a large book with all theoretical contents to learn, understand and remember, most of the students loathed studying it. However, this was the best subject for me during my first semester study of BBA. A few subjects were just a repetition of the high school course, especially "Business Mathematics" and "Computer Application". However, this subject was new and therefore, quite interesting.

We were introduced to presentations right from the first semester of our BBA degree. We indeed made a few presentations as well however, due to the lack of knowledge and experience most of them weren't that good!

While I couldn't make a good presentation during the first semester, I tried to fill that void in the second semester by creating better slides than that of the previous semester. The presentation assignment was as usual a group work, however, I was lucky, as always, to find lazy mates in my group thus getting an opportunity to do the whole work by myself.

While I was a fairly average student during my lower secondary and high school education, I am gradually taking a leap in my undergraduate course of study. I had never expected, until my high school was over, that I would end up joining BBA. However, joining this 4 year program has proven to be a good fortune for me especially when I have a good deal of time to do extra activities like writing this post in my blog.

Why I joined BBA?

When I decided to join BBA, the first and the most appealing reason was less hours in the college. During my A Levels I couldn't involve in extra-curricular activities which I really wanted to do. And since I was the student of Science, I had to study more periods in a week than my counterparts did in the non-science stream for the same number of subjects. Therefore, I was primarily concerned about finding a good deal of time for myself to do whatever I liked. Mind me, I mostly like to do creative and productive things.

Bachelor of Business Administration is a cherished undergraduate program for business studies. And since entrepreneurs are business innovators, it is at first tempting to choose BBA to learn entrepreneurship. To put simply, what I mean is +2 graduates aiming to become entrepreneur in the future generally look for a business related course. However, after studying BBA for a year and a half, I now don't recommend it for prospective entrepreneurs anymore. In my opinion, they should rather look for the subject of their interest or hobby such as biology, or genetic engineering and so on. As soon as you learn the secrets of the field of your interest, you can quickly figure out how to make a business out of your idea.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a great degree for anyone who is willing to make their career in the management sector. With its aim to prepare students for entry-level managerial positions such as line managers, supervisors, etc, this program has great future prospects and career advancing opportunities. Moreover, BBA is an excellent program to prepare yourself for MBA degree. Therefore, the potential of this popular program cannot be underestimated.

Business of Bachelor Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate course of study aimed at students willing to make their careers in the business and management sectors. It is a four year course of study based on semester system, meaning that the curriculum will change every semester (a period of six months). The program is composed of a total of eight semesters.

As a part of an academic assignment we were required to perform a research of a firm in our first semester. The assignment was of 'Management', one of the two core subjects and most favorite subject of mine in the first semester of BBA.

I chose to research on 'Chitwan Beekeeping Resource Center', a firm which is located not too far from my house. I was especially interested in this firm because I was more interested to know about the profession of apiculture, i.e., beekeeping, and that was because I wanted to know whether honey produced from these farms was really nutritious or not. This was however, my personal objective and not the objective of the research report in itself. Adding personal objectives helps me work with higher dedication and that's my personal strategy.

There are many myths regarding blogging and that "bloggers can earn a lot of money through blogging" tops up the list. Second on the list but closely related to the first one is that "it's easy to make money online". However, these two statements are myths and merely the myths.

Why do people hype?

Many people have benefited a lot by hyping their gains like "I earn 5 digit income working at home", even before they make a fraction of that gain. Let me make you clear about this: Most of the online businesses are profitable only when they get a good traffic (visitors). So, these sleek marketers say that they gained this and that in advance to get people's attention. The people who are looking for the ways to make money easily get attracted towards their site. In this process, they buy the products, click on other articles (and accidentally on ads) and affiliate links at the hyping site. Only after a bunch of such eager visitors (high traffic) start doing these kinds of activity, that the site owners start making some bucks. Their hyping in advance is simply to lure visitors attention.

What if they didn't hype?

I am almost certain that nobody would give a damn care to their sites. People are always looking for an easy way to make money. Thus, if someone says that it requires hard work to make good bucks people won't be fascinated by it. That's why these sleek marketers use these types of hyped advertisements to draw people's attention promising everything they can when in fact the reality is a different story. They can't deliver the promises so easily because  to do the task that really pays off well requires you to have some good skills already at your hand. Then it's just a matter of monetizing. Otherwise, if you start from the scratch, then you'll have to learn a lot and work very hard. Almost a year  will be lost in figuring out how to make money online.

So, it's our weakness that the marketers are targeting to get us buy their products (which are, most of the time, not worth the price). Don't let them grab your attention by these fancy titles. Instead stay back and be prepared to work hard. There's almost never an easy way to earn money legally. Please don't dream about it innocently without knowing the whole story.

Why are such "Tags" a mere hype?

  • People who earn good amount of money generally don't advertise how much they earn. They prefer to keep it private even if you ask them. So, if someone says that he's earning too much then he's just trying to grab your attention. My advice: don't fall for it!

  • If earning money was so simple then shouldn't we all have been very rich? If earning money is easy why wouldn't everyone earn enough money for themselves! 

  • If money is made easily it means all the hard working fellows are foolish. Why should they bother to work hard? People mostly work to earn money. Earning money is easy, if you take the online route. So, working hard is completely irrational and nonsense given these circumstances. Can this ever become a reality?

  • Again if it were really simple to earn money online why do internet marketers create 50 sites? Do you think creating 50 sites for niche marketing is an easy task? If you think then you're welcome. In reality your 9 to 5 job is much better than online marketing comparing the pay and the effort you put for it.

So, let's not say more. This is what I have learnt by experience. If you are prospecting to be a simple blogger, then do it for other reasons, like  fun, learning, self publishing, sharing, networking, writing, etc. There are thousands of reasons for you to blog. Again there are thousands of way to make money online. However, it's never easy to make money blogging. If someone says it's easy then never, I repeat this, never, believe him or her.

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