Can something come out of nothing?

I was thinking about "zero capital entrepreneurship". Create a business (something) without investing anything (esp. money) was the core idea behind this. However,can something come out of nothing? The answer can be explored in philosophy.

There is one and only example of something which most probably came out of nothing. And that is our universe. If you believe things should have some kind of beginning, then this universe possibly began from nothing. Or that will be your finding if you go on tracing out its ultimate beginning. Surprisingly, it has come to become everything as we know of today.

Again if you think that some of the things can always exist irrespective of time, you might not be wrong either. The universe either should have some kind of beginning (from nothing to something to everything perhaps), or it should have always existed. In any case, one of these possibilities is true. But we are not sure about which one. As Einstein pointed out that the time and space are relative, perhaps there is no time for this universe or perhaps time is just one of its component. In that case this universe should have always existed and at some point the thing called "time" was created and then the other things must have followed it.

However, since both the possibilities that the universe always existed and the universe began from nothing some billion years ago seem unlikely. And yet because these are mutually exclusive events, one of them must be the case anyway. So, our matter of discussion and debate is which one is the case.

If my intuition is any worth, I believe that the universe came from nothing. That nothing can be explored further even today and perhaps that is the machine which makes something. Just imagine the vacuum space beyond the universe. Where does that end? Simple answer is that it is infinite. But what is infinity in reality. Is it something that never ends? Or there should be some kind of end to that like every other things on this earth? Again, if that vacuum beyond the universe(s) ends, "what would come next to it" is another question ready to amuse us. Ultimately, there should come something which ends and places a period to our question. But again, it seems that nothing can end so abruptly and that there is always room for something else to exist beyond that! Yet, it seems to us that it has to end somewhere.

So, these matters are really interesting if we ponder upon them. Universe coming out of nothing or always existing and the infinity of the periphery of this universe are really very amusing things and I'm glad that I am one of the lives on earth who can reflect on this matter, no matter, even if i cannot reach a conclusion. But again I should appreciate that I have a brain and it can think as per its capacity. Human life probably feeds on thoughts and grows by thinking.

Probably, if we become able to crack the nut about infinity, then we might be able to know the reality behind the beginning of this universe. As of now, more pondering and more logical deductions are necessary.

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