I don't recommend BBA for Entrepreneurs anymore!

Bachelor of Business Administration is a cherished undergraduate program for business studies. And since entrepreneurs are business innovators, it is at first tempting to choose BBA to learn entrepreneurship. To put simply, what I mean is +2 graduates aiming to become entrepreneur in the future generally look for a business related course. However, after studying BBA for a year and a half, I now don't recommend it for prospective entrepreneurs anymore. In my opinion, they should rather look for the subject of their interest or hobby such as biology, or genetic engineering and so on. As soon as you learn the secrets of the field of your interest, you can quickly figure out how to make a business out of your idea.

Afterwards, if you really need BBA degree then, you might hire a BBA graduate or seek for business consultation services. They will orient you with the necessary business ideas to successfully turn your creative idea into business. Although I now believe that BBA is completely optional for entrepreneurs I have not ruled out the possibility that it can be supportive, at times, in your entrepreneurship career. I regard it optional because many successful business persons and entrepreneurs haven't studied business studies and still have become successful. So, innovation is more important than anything for successful entrepreneurship.

Moreover, business studies seems to be the study of common sense and general knowledge rather than anything new. The only difference is that you study the already learnt things in a systematic manner and the general knowledge is expanded to some extent in each subject. Of all the subjects only a few are totally new. Therefore, BBA is more about self-discovery (in the sense that you reconcile the things that have already happened in your everyday life) and learning of the business norms rather than innovation that entrepreneurship demands.

I don't regret for not studying other programs because I was aiming to get a degree in IT (Information Technology) which I had dropped in high school level. I had interests in many fields and hence I was confident that whatever I study will be interesting to me in some way. And during the time I decided to get BBA, it seemed attractive that time. Actually, the term "BBA" is sexy for me and "MBA" is even sexier! So, I don't regret it at all.

I am now being attracted towards agriculture, of course for entrepreneurship reasons. However, since I didn't take biology during my A-levels, studying Agriculture wasn't an alternative to me. Moreover, since I can self-study the subjects which are interesting to me, it really isn't a problem for me. The only thing I would like to tell you is that, if I had taken Agriculture (if it had been possible) then I could still have become an entrepreneur.

Even when studying BBA I'm being proactive and taking entrepreneurship strides through my own initiation. That has been possible because of my diverse background and not because of my BBA degree. In fact, I have stopped relying on my formal education only to move ahead in my entrepreneurship endeavor because it is either not sufficient or not right for the entrepreneurs. It is supportive but not sufficient enough!

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