Management - The Best Book in my First Semester of BBA

My friends loathed the subject what they used to refer as "POM", a shorthand for the Principles of Management. Even the books adapted to suit the University's syllabus were quite voluminous. Since this subject had a large book with all theoretical contents to learn, understand and remember, most of the students loathed studying it. However, this was the best subject for me during my first semester study of BBA. A few subjects were just a repetition of the high school course, especially "Business Mathematics" and "Computer Application". However, this subject was new and therefore, quite interesting.

Although the book prescribed by the University was that of Ricky W. Griffin, it was so large that I couldn't figure out if I could be able to read it and tailor my knowledge as per the University syllabus. As a result, I choose a shorter one written by local writer, Dr. Prem Raj Pant, who is the Department Head of Management at Tribhuvan University. His book was targeted to the BBA students of Tribhuvan University and Pokhara University; and for your information, my college is affiliated to the latter one. In short, this book was not only more suitable but equally feasible and easy to follow. If you are in a tight schedule, then undoubtedly this book should be your choice.

Although, I read a shorter book by a local writer, it didn't lack most of the necessary concepts, examples and and illustrations. This book, for the first time, introduced in me the concept of how a business organization is organized and managed, and how the management can achieve effectiveness and efficiency in this task. This book provided me a lot of theoretical information about the operation of business houses. It taught me how international businesses are done and how the large Multinational Companies operate around the world and how they take the advantages of various facilities available abroad. In short, this was the first book which made me feel like I was studying "Business". None of the books until then had made me realize that they will be useful throughout my "entrepreneurship" career which I want to pursue after completing my Business Studies.

The book by Ricky W. Griffin, on the other hand, consisted of more case studies and more in-depth knowledge in the field of management. Also, it had more examples (which covered the global issues), more illustrations and more diagrams as compared to the book written by Dr. Prem Raj Pant. Therefore, this book was clearly better in terms of resources it provided. The decision to choose which book to follow rests entirely upon you.

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