My Secrets of Excellence in BBA

While I was a fairly average student during my lower secondary and high school education, I am gradually taking a leap in my undergraduate course of study. I had never expected, until my high school was over, that I would end up joining BBA. However, joining this 4 year program has proven to be a good fortune for me especially when I have a good deal of time to do extra activities like writing this post in my blog.

Why I joined BBA?

When I decided to join BBA, the first and the most appealing reason was less hours in the college. During my A Levels I couldn't involve in extra-curricular activities which I really wanted to do. And since I was the student of Science, I had to study more periods in a week than my counterparts did in the non-science stream for the same number of subjects. Therefore, I was primarily concerned about finding a good deal of time for myself to do whatever I liked. Mind me, I mostly like to do creative and productive things.

Although I was thinking to do a job, to become self-dependent, during my bachelor level education, I eventually landed with something even better. Since the BBA course still required rigorous five hours of college, I didn't hope to find time for a job. So, instead I chose to do blogging and this has revolutionized everything.

How has blogging helped me achieve excellence in study?

While many people might consider blogging and education two separate things, I not only think but have managed to link these two very closely. This is my secret which has helped me so much. Linking two different things can have synergistic effects on you and I have learnt this by experience.

My teachers get amazed sometimes how I manage do much better than other students at various times especially when it comes to writings, researches and assignments. Also they are amazed about the diverse knowledge I have on various subjects. I hereby reveal this secret and plead my respected teachers to kindly not get too much amazed about me. And believe me friend, if you are currently a student then you can achieve similar results within a matter of year given that you are sincere, honest and hard-working. Just learn to link things. If you are a blogger then it's high time you stop doing research on niche marketing and concentrate on making a blog about your course of study.

My secret which you can use for yourself to climb the ladder of success!

Dear friends, my secret isn't blogging. (I now know that blogging pays well a lot in terms of non-monetary rewards and if and only if you can do it well it has a lot of potential to reap monetary rewards as well.) My secret, however, is to be able to link and correlate the activities that I do.

While specialization guarantees a better income at present, diversification guarantees the sustainable income over the long run. You never know when your skill gets outdated and you get kicked out of your job. At that time, diversification provides an alternative and thus you can feel much secured about your future.

Now, since both specialization and diversification are necessary you should learn to create a good balance between these two extremes to make the most out of your work. So, how can you do this? By creating a link that many thought never existed. Let me give you my example: Is there any relation between blogging and painting? Um., Yes. I am both a blogger and a painter and now a writer as well. I linked all three skills of mine and published my arts on the web. View them here to check it out.

Second example? No worries, I have many. Ok, this blog itself. I am a student and also a blogger. So, whenever I had assignments I couldn't write posts and whenever I write posts I couldn't do my assignments. Do you want to know what I do? I first do my assignments with sincerity and devotion. I edit and revise them and submit them to my teachers as assignments and use them in some way, sometimes by modifying, to publish them as blog post in this blog. Check out the "Download" menu above and you'll mostly find my assignments in the form of reports and PowerPoint presentations. I get good grades for my assignments because I work hard on them. And at the same time I get quality articles for my blog too. That's why the teachers get amazed. If you work as hard as me then you don't need to be surprised anymore because you'll see the results for yourself.

Also, this whole blog is centered upon the course I'm studying to earn my bachelor's degree. So, when I pass out from the college with a BBA degree in my hands I'll have this blog very grand and it will be earning some money for me. Moreover, it will also earn me skills and work experience at the same time.

Most importantly, link your activities with your aim!

Yet another must link things: your activities and your aim. I am great at giving my own example and here too I'll provide you my own example. My aim is to become an entrepreneur. I am now following my aim seriously by discussing about it seriously in my personal blog. I am writing on this topic too apart from reading a lot of things that an entrepreneur must know from sales and marketing, to funding business by seeking capital from the Venture Capitalists (VCs). My writing and blogging activities are directly concerned with my aim. Currently I'm learning entrepreneurship practically by trying to make money from a lot of different ways. I'll discuss about them later and most probably in my personal blog where I'm free to post anything (I'm bound to be concentrated on BBA here!). To keep updated about what I'm doing and how I'm doing please follow me on Twitter and Subscribe me on Facebook. You'll get updates slowly and gradually from these social medias and you'll never know when you have bypassed your past. So, if you also want to do something great in the field you are interested in (that's your aim), then I highly recommend you to link your activities with your aim. If you haven't finalized your aim then work out on that first.

That was my only secret but now it has been revealed! I'm disclosing this secret to you so that you could be helped. So, if you want to know more about anything I just discussed or have any queries regarding this article, you can pour them down in the comment boxes below. I'll reply them as soon as possible.

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  1. I am a student of BBA in last semester....What should i do after completing my BBA??suggest me plz....

  2. First of all, thank you for your question!

    I appreciate your query very much, but this is the question which you should ask yourself rather than me. Since, I don't know your background, your likes and interests and your current status, I can't exactly tell you what you should do.

    However, I have some suggestions for you:

    First of all, find your aim. Know whether you want to work at banks or at corporate houses, small firms or large enterprises, and so on. Also think about whether you want to work as an employee or become an owner of your own business. Depending upon your interests and opportunity cost, either of these options might be more attractive to you and you should go for that. Never go for the hoaxes like "Become your own boss" because you are already your own boss and you'll remain your own boss whether you become an employer or not.

    For example, being your own boss (i.e., self-employment) might not be attractive always, especially if you can earn a better income by being an employee elsewhere. So, see what you want to become and where you want to go: i.e., your destination, your aim.

    You might also consider pursuing MBA. That degree might also help you to exploit your potentials better, i.e., know yourself better.

    So, it all depends upon you and your interests because there are numerous alternatives lying before you. Just choose the most appropriate one and move ahead. Success may not be achieved overnight but if you persist then you'll surely be successful one day.

    I hope this discussion will be of some help to you.

  3. Mr. prem, nice to read you blog that that sounds very interesting as well as logical so as im impressed regarding you multitalented skills and as i need a bit help of yours in regarding with bba programe so just upon my id and for that i would be very thankful to you .............!!!!