What is BBA?

Business of Bachelor Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate course of study aimed at students willing to make their careers in the business and management sectors. It is a four year course of study based on semester system, meaning that the curriculum will change every semester (a period of six months). The program is composed of a total of eight semesters.

BBA is strictly a commerce related subject and its main purpose is to orient students with the knowledge related to organizing and managing business organizations like corporations, banks and financial institutions, business enterprises and so on. Therefore, this program is fit for those who want to make careers in marketing, business administration, banking, entrepreneurship, and so on. This course of study is especially designed for the prospecting managers and corporate leaders.

What to expect in BBA?

In BBA, the teaching methodology is different. You can expect to participate in at least 2 to 3 presentations per subject each semester. Also, you can expect, guest lectures, industrial visits, case studies, and so on, depending upon your college and university. Similarly, BBA course is composed of both internal and external assessment. In some cases, the weight of internal assessment is equal to that of external assesment. In other cases, the weight is 40:60. Either way, you'll have to perform assignments, sit for internal examinations, and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. All these activities along with attendance, morality and discipline, etc form the part of your internal assessment and you will be marked accordingly.

What after BBA?

After completing your BBA degree, you'll have an option to either join Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or start a career at banks and corporations. Pursuing MBA has its own additional advantages, however, BBA is designed so as to prepare students for entry level managerial positions in any kind of business organization. Therefore, BBA provides enough knowledge and skills to become managers just after graduating from this program. Afterwards, your success in your career depends largely on your decision making ability and your further education.

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