January 2012

We had to complete a project work on a suitable topic of our choice on computing subject in the first semester.  I chose the easiest topic 'Internet and Email'. Although it isn't any special work, I did some extra job to make it better. Therefore, I am sharing it with you in this post.

Usefulness of this project work for you

If you are a BBA student just studying first semester from Pokhara University, then you would appreciate to view a sample project work on computing. That's the exact reason why I am sharing this with you here in my blog. My purpose is to make this blog resourceful for the BBA students and one of the ways of doing this is to share my works with you.

Okay, while presentations are quite important (no, they are inevitable) in BBA, they are also the most feared tasks by the students because many students feel uncomfortable with giving a speech in front of a mass (i.e., public speaking).

Although, many students are reluctant to give presentations I am readily willing to participate in such an event or activity. My first presentation is an example of this. You might be eager to see how my first presentation was because I am so much optimistic about it. However, my first presentation wasn't much good especially the, slides made in Microsoft PowerPoint. Either way, I hope this will be interesting to you because, if you see my simple presentation then you might get tempted to make your own presentation (or not feel shy to present a simple presentation) because my first presentation wasn't that good and still I was very eager to present it in my class.

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