My First Presentation in BBA

Okay, while presentations are quite important (no, they are inevitable) in BBA, they are also the most feared tasks by the students because many students feel uncomfortable with giving a speech in front of a mass (i.e., public speaking).

Although, many students are reluctant to give presentations I am readily willing to participate in such an event or activity. My first presentation is an example of this. You might be eager to see how my first presentation was because I am so much optimistic about it. However, my first presentation wasn't much good especially the, slides made in Microsoft PowerPoint. Either way, I hope this will be interesting to you because, if you see my simple presentation then you might get tempted to make your own presentation (or not feel shy to present a simple presentation) because my first presentation wasn't that good and still I was very eager to present it in my class.

As I have said already, my first presentation was dull and boring (but the good news is that it was short and concise). It did not include even a single image, let alone the animations, sound and videos. Still I am sharing this just for two clear reasons as I stated briefly above:

1) Seeing my first work bad, you'll get motivated to give your presentations even when you don't have good slides. Look there is no need, from any point of view, to feel shy because you'll always be ahead of those who don't even give a bad presentation!

2) For those of you who consider that skills are achieved all of a sudden this work is a great lesson. The first PowerPoint presentation I created wasn't much good but my later presentations improved continuously. When I was in second semester, I made a good presentation as per my standard which I discussed in my previous post. Therefore, success comes gradually and you shouldn't feel that you shouldn't give presentations until you make a good presentation!

The third but a subtle reason is the underlying story behind this presentation which is quite interesting to me and I would like to share it with you.

As usual this presentation was a part of my assignment (almost all of my creative works are the part of my assignments) but a casual one and even the teacher didn't expect that everyone would do it. However, during that particular assignment I did manage to do it although I am not always a very obedient student when it comes to doing assignments (Shh~! Don't tell it to everyone.)

This time I was the only one to do the assignment and I got an opportunity to present it on the stage one day. It wasn't even a formal presentation and I was thinking to just introduce what it was about at the beginning and then press 'Next', 'Next', 'Next' and say 'Thank You' and be back at my seat. This was my original plan. However, when I reached on the stage I did quite a bit more than I had planned previously and I did it quite spontaneously. What made me do so was an urge (as a result of uncomfortable or awkward feeling when standing still on the stage), which I couldn't resist and I explained the points that were outlined in the slides in a spontaneous way.

My friends used to view me as a studious student in those beginning days and used to call me 'First Boy' right from the first day of my BBA program. This presentation did nothing but helped them to bolster their view that I was an exceptional when in fact I was quite an ordinary student.

So, sometimes you have to let yourself flow with the spontaneous and automatic wave that blows past by you. So, start to make the presentations right from today and I am sure you'll be able to master them within a year or two. View my presentation as a PPTX file here. You'll get an option to download in that page if you like. Otherwise you can just view it there, get inspired and leave to create your own first presentation. Remember once again, don't worry if it isn't good, don't feel shy to show it to others, and don't get demotivated if someone makes a negative comment of your work.

Best of luck!

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