Why did I switch my faculty and choose BBA?

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I was a science student during my +2 level education. I, actually, studied the GCE A Levels of Cambridge University, equivalent to +2 level, with the subject combination of General Paper, Physics, Computing and Mathematics. However, I later chose to study BBA, switching my faculty to management, during my undergraduate course of study. Why?

I took my decision partly because my aim changed, partly because I had few alternatives among which BBA was most feasible and supportive to my first and third reason, and partly because BBA sounded beautiful to me. This third reason is what I call a crazy reason to make a decision.

My Aim Changed

I was previously hoping to make my careers in Computing, and specializing in programming as I had good background in programming already. However, while doing my A levels, I had to make some boring projects and document the program fully using MS-Word and other software instead of focusing on programming. Therefore, I was averse to my own aim to make my career in IT.

After that incident, I was thinking about which career to pursue and business came to my mind naturally. I had already given up, mentally, the aims to become doctor, pilot or an engineer. Therefore, it wasn't much difficult for me to figure out that my next option would be business or entrepreneurship. I was therefore, in the hope of finding out the suitable course of study to pursue entrepreneurship.

BBA was Feasible

However, I didn't decide straight-away to pursue BBA. I was just brainstorming when I saw a newly opened BBA college in my locality and that college made me wonder if my future lies there. Because of my health condition I hadn't thought of going to India and other less developed countries which were more affordable and less difficult to get an admission but more insecure and unpredictable at the same time. For the grades I had scored, I didn't expect to get a good scholarship, which was essential given the fee structures and my family's income, in the universities of developed countries like the United States, Germany, and so on. Therefore, studying in Nepal seemed to be the most practical option left to me. Considering all the situation I easily decided to study BBA in my own locality.

BBA sounded elegant and beautiful

Whenever I buy something, I look for beauty. Especially when I go to buy mobile phones and laptops, I do not buy them only if they have a good configuration. I want an elegant outer design too. In the case of BBA, the name sounded aesthetically pleasant to hear and whenever someone would ask me 'What do you study?' I could proudly pronounce 'BBA' because it sounds beautiful to me. Thus, BBA met this criteria as well.

Hence, for all these reasons I chose to stay back in my own country. Now, I am accordingly studying BBA in Boston International College, the same newly opened college in my locality.

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