Aspiring Bloggers - Diversify your portfolio in the beginning!

There's a popular adage in Economics, "Never put all your eggs in one basket". It simply means go for diversification. This rule is no exception to bloggers. If you are not being successful with blogging in one niche it is time for you to diversify your portfolio by entering into a new niche. See how things go on that niche and move on. If things go well, you've found out a good niche for yourself, however, if there is no improvement you should try another.

So, what points am I making in the above paragraph?

I am simply suggesting you to make more than a single blog, if you are just beginning and have created your first blog. And I am suggesting you to go for many blogs if you are already running around 3 to 4 blogs and are still dissatisfied with your current blogs.

It is always good to have a single blog where you discuss on the topic which you are most passionate about. It has many advantages among which you can put all your efforts in that blog which can make your blog top in your niche. However, it is not easy to find that one niche which best suits you. Plus, as a blogger you do many things and you have interests in more than just one thing. So, one of your important objectives should be to find your area of authority, that is, the area at which you are best suited. To find this area, you need to experiment new ideas and explore new sectors, niches and so on. That is the exact reason why, I want you to go diverse in the beginning years of blogging.

As a blogger, your aim is to innovate among many others. However, innovation doesn't come without hard work and constant pursuit of new ideas. Regular flow of new ideas and thoughts is necessary to find the hidden treasure which hasn't been explored before. Doesn't innovation means the same, to find the previously unexplored hidden treasure? Therefore, you should work hard on new ideas and thoughts and keep experimenting on each of them by creating a number of blogs. Then only will you be able to find that new niche which is best suited for you!

However, at this point you should note that all of you might not be able to find that hidden treasure. It might take you to create hundreds of blogs before you achieve one if you are really unlucky. So, perhaps you might choose to drop the whole idea of blogging, because without ever finding that niche, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to keep going on. I don't urge you to keep trying on. I would rather suggest you to listen to what your heart says and what your intuition says. Follow whatever it says. Be flexible and don't take anything rigidly. Perhaps, you can do better at other things. So, if you are not happy with blogging, just leave it.

If you are determined and if your intuition says you should continue, then you should gear up at your full speed. Starting blogs over blogs, writing posts over posts, and constantly thriving to find something new. If you become lucky you'll soon find that treasure but, if you aren't that lucky then either it will take a lot of time or you may never find that treasure. At this point, you might be wondering, what will happen if I never find that niche at all?

Well, if you thrive until that moment then you'll have a huge portfolio, so large that if taken together it will provide you the effect of that hidden treasure. Then try to reconcile them. Find similarities between them and re-connect or re-organize them. I made many blogs but then I realized that I should unite them into one personal blog which is what I'm doing in this blog. I've brought good posts from the other blogs related to technology, blogging, comedy, and so on and have made this blog huge. Since this is my personal blog, it contains articles on the different aspects of my life. All these aspects need to be summed up to define me! That is what I have done here.

So, my friends if you have the zeal to move on, start diversifying your portfolio! You needn't be too versatile, you can break your niche into sub-niches and start niche marketing! If niche marketing works, that's good, otherwise you can always re-connect the blogs and make a bigger blog. Whatever you do, start from today because today is the best day!

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