UTL’s Unlimited Wireless Internet Service

I had used UTL’s unlimited wireless internet service (data plan) for 2 months and had discarded using it right away because it didn't work well. However, one of my friends had used it for quite a long time, in Kathmandu, and was happy with the performance. So, if you are planning to buy it then, learn more about its merits and demerits first to decide if this is the right option for you.

UTL'S CDMA SIM Card for Wireless Internet Service
(Image: UTL's Website)

Here’s what I learnt after using it for two months and doing some research on why it didn't work for me.

Its appeals (advantages) first:

  • Unlimited connectivity. Get connected anytime and anywhere wherever the network works.
  • Quite cheap with monthly charge of just Rs. 565 including VAT and Taxes.
  • Portable since it is a wireless medium. Can be taken anywhere you go. Good for travelers.
  • Flexible. You may discontinue its use temporarily until the expiry date of the balance is reached after using it once.
  • It can be used to make phone calls too, if balance is available. Also, if you plan to discontinue using the data plan, you can still use the SIM Card in the form of mobile phone.

However, it has following disadvantages:

  • Lacks Good coverage. Your residence should be near the UTL's towers to use it comfortably. Otherwise, there might not be good coverage to use the internet service.
  • Slows down or even doesn’t work during the peak hours of data traffic such as evening and after 8 pm in the night. (Source: My Experience). For your information, it usually runs well during the morning time.
  • Didn’t work well even in the day times with me.
  • Didn’t work during rainy days and was easily affected by bad weather.

What I don’t mean?

I don’t advise you that you should not use UTL’s data plan. Although it didn’t work for me, most noticeably because of bad network coverage, it may however work well for you based upon where you live. I only wanted to make you aware that you make sure it works in your area before purchasing it. The surest way of doing this is to check if it is working well at your friends’ or neighbors house, if they have one. You can as well ask them for their using experience to get more information about it.

Conclusion and My Advice

If it works well in your area then probably you are in an advantageous position because it is cheap, portable and easy to use. However, if it doesn’t work well then I recommend you to seek better alternatives like Broadlink Wifi, Techminds Internet Services, etc depending upon which one is available in your area. Why I don’t recommend you to use sluggish and lethargic internet services is that the irritation they cause by not loading the page you want is too much a burden and can even cause depression to you. So, you better not use the internet rather than using a lethargic internet service.

If you have any experience of using it please share it in the comments section below. This will help other people decide whether to use or not use the UTL’s UIM data plan.

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  1. Thank you for your information.. and also your views.

    1. It was my pleasure Arjan KC. Thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment.

  2. Thank you for your opinion.. Would you mind telling me its download speed ?

    1. No worries. It used to be around 15 Kb/s in the morning time, when it worked for me. This is same as 128 kbps ADSL speed.

      However, the download speed has probably improved with ADSL. Similarly, with WorldLink also, the download speed especially in the morning and night time is very good, significantly higher than the subscribed bandwidth.