June 2012

Nepal is called an agricultural country as agriculture consists of a large portion of our Gross Domestic Product and it provides job to the largest portion of our population.

However, the scenario is changing as the young generation is being attracted towards the service related job at offices, restaurants, banks and so on. The new generation is gradually departing from the traditional occupation of farming. This changing scenario has a lot of implications and from the business perspective this has increased the scope of agriculture related business even more.

Well, it is still not a time for me to review my BBA curriculum. I mean, my review won't comprise all 8 semester courses of BBA in this review. Nonetheless, I cannot wait for two and half more years to express my feeling that are going on within me right now. Moreover, I believe that this review will closely approximate the overall course structure. Yet, I hope to review it once again at the end of my BBA program.

One of the important aspects of our career is our ability to present ourselves before the employers. Those who can present themselves as a confident and capable candidate win the heart of the employers despite their actual potential. Therefore, presentation of one’s skills before others is more important than having the skill itself. Moreover, most of the jobs aren’t much difficult and you can gradually improve your working capabilities even after you are hired.

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