BBA Curriculum of Pokhara University - A Review

Well, it is still not a time for me to review my BBA curriculum. I mean, my review won't comprise all 8 semester courses of BBA in this review. Nonetheless, I cannot wait for two and half more years to express my feeling that are going on within me right now. Moreover, I believe that this review will closely approximate the overall course structure. Yet, I hope to review it once again at the end of my BBA program.

Frankly and honestly speaking, the curriculum of BBA of Pokhara University is one of the best in its composition of curriculum components (i.e., subjects or courses of study). In fact, some textbooks are such that they are the best in the world. Principles of Macroeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw, Business Correspondence (Theory and Application) by Raymond V. Lesikar and John D. Pettit, Financial Accounting by Norton and Porter, and such have no close substitutes in the whole world because of their pragmatic approach and easy and interesting illustrations.

However, the same program of the same university has some really unnecessary books included with it. Computer Applications in the first semester is a subject which I believe as an unnecessary repetition. Those who really need help with their computer application knowledge could take some courses outside. The overwhelming majority who are already proficient in the use of computers wouldn't have to bother studying the same thing again and again.

Similarly, the programming language for BBA students doesn't make sense to me whatsoever. What is disgusting even more is that the Programming Language is taught in C as if we will become a programmer some day. Instead of teaching C, Visual Basic would have been a better alternative to teach us the basics of programming and the use of database rather than the sequential file handling in C. Learning a database structure would have been much useful because, learning the basics of database and how it works might save some hassle when we use database, all too often, in our professional life, in the future.

What is more interesting is that the Management Students have studied both Computer Application and Programming Language in their Plus Two level (High School). Not only these subjects but they have already studied Financial Accounting and Business Mathematics. Some had even studied Economics. However, since these subjects are the core subjects and their study in Plus Two level was a bit shallow, they are worth the repetition. Moreover, their repetition would allow students who decide to change their faculty during their Undergraduate (bachelors) level, like me, to get an opportunity to study these subjects from the start. Therefore, these repetitions are justifiable.

In conclusion, I feel honored to have studied the BBA program of Pokhara University; especially I appreciate the curriculum and textbook selection, the best aspect of this program.

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