Best Free Reading Apps for Galaxy Y

If you have bought a smartphone, one of your purpose is to read ebooks. However, for that purpose you need to install apps from Play Store. And since there are many ebook readers, choosing one among the crowd can be a real challenge. So, you need to learn a few things to make an informed judgement.

Below I am describing the best three ebook readers apps which are free to download and install.

1. Aldiko Book Reader

With it's unique and beautiful user interface and nice reading layout, aldiko stands out among the apps in the crowd. The font size and layout is customized so as to make reading comfortable even with its default setting. Similarly, the day/night mode, portrait/landscape mode and other settings allow you to read book in just the way you want. I would highly recommend this app. It supports the books in EPUB and PDF Format. You can learn more about it's features here.

2. Kindle Reader

Amazon's Kindle tablet is uniquely designed for reading. Kindle Reader is that highly specialized app for reading in that device which is now available for Android devices as well. You can download a dictionary for this app and use it while reading without having to leave the app. That's great indeed. It supports PDF, MOBI and other formats. To learn more visit this link.

3. Quick Office

This read-only app is suitable for reading office documents as well as PDF ebooks. Quick PDF is a module in Quick Office which allows you to read eBooks. By default the app doesn't open documents in reading format. You need to set reading mode to get the mobile view. Some eBooks designed for big screen viewings such as in A4 size sometimes do not display correctly, however, the text is well formatted so that you can read them fine once you switch to the reading mode. This comes already installed in your android device.

I would recommend you to use all these three apps because they have their own unique set of features which are absent in another either in the form of file format support or in the form of reading experience. For example, Quick Office can read Word, and Excel files but others can't do this. Kindle has an attached dictionary which is absent in other two. The Aldiko reader is the most beautiful app for reading in android and it's simplicity is lacking Kindle and its beauty is lacking in Quick Office.

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