NTC or Ncell?

If you are planning to buy a new GSM SIM Card, you might be wondering which one to buy: NTC or Ncell? This post will help you decide the suitable alternative for you.

There are two major players in the mobile service market in Nepal: Ncell and NTC. Ncell is a Swedish telecom company whereas NTC, a shorthand for Nepal TelecomTM, is a Nepalese telecom company whose establishment history dates back to 1970 B.S.

The choice between these two major providers is the choice between price and service. If you want better service irrespective of price then you can buy Ncell. Else if your need is to just get connected expending low amount of money then you can go for NTC. However, NTC has a plan which forces you to buy balance when you do not need to also, by setting low expiry date. However, Ncell has less problems of this kind but it costs more per call irrespective of the claims made in its advertisements.

Other comparative information


It has got better service: better network coverage, less network problems, easier to subscribe and unsubscribe for services (it has automated system to handle this) like multimedia messages, internet (GPRS connection), etc and so on.

GPRS internet connection is faster as compared with NTC.

It’s a multinational company and has established its strong presence in the local market, and has already surpassed the no of subscriber’s of NTC to grab the #1 position among the GSM Mobile service providers. Besides, it has potential of introducing more services in Nepal in the future.


It’s not bad: just not good enough.

It is difficult to subscribe and unsubscribe the services of NTC. It does not have automated system to let its customers subscribe or unsubscribe its services.

GPRS connection is very slow.

However, it considers the economic situation of the average Nepalese people. Unlike Ncell, whose services are expensive, NTC is viable for middle class Nepalese people.


NTC has a date expiry system which forces you to recharge Rs.100 in every 20 days just to keep your SIM work and if you don't want to spend much money on phone, then better use NCELL. NTC requires a minimum of 150 Rupees a month (100 Rs for 20 days and next 50 Rs for the remaining 10 days of the month) just to have active service. NCELL, however, doesn't have date expiry system and if you maintain yourself to keep minimum contacts, then you can afford one. This is particularly useful if you don't use phone too much because with NTC even if you have a lot of accumulated balance you may have to recharge your SIM, just for date. If you don't recharge your SIM within a week perhaps, you will lose all your balance. So, NCELL wins here.

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