Utility of Galaxy Y for Me

Mobile phones have now become a multipurpose all in one device and even the low range smartphones running Android OS like my Galaxy Y are capable of doing a lot of things. In this post, I am going to tell you about how my Galaxy Y is becoming useful for me.

1. Using internet and emails

I am almost a heavy user of the internet and email like almost everyone these days. Earlier, when I didn't have this phone, I had to run my laptop even when I need to do trivial things such as checking for an email I was expecting. And whenever the internet connection got broken, I had no choice but to shut down the computer without completing my purpose. However, now I can just use my phone to do such tasks and whenever there is DNS problem with my internet connection, I have the option to use GPRS data.

2. Reading

Next great use of my mobile has been for reading ebooks and online magazines. With the use of Aldiko eBook Reader app, Quick Office App, and Kindle Reader app I can read books in variety of formats like PDF, EPUB, MOBI and Word Documents. Reading eBooks in mobile, so far, has been an awesome experience for me.

Another thing I can read are the online magazines and news portals like the BBC and The Economists. Also, I can read the blogs that I have subscribed through Google using the Google Reader app. All the blogs which syndicate atom feeds can be subscribed through Google and read in its native Google Reader app. This can bring all the blogs, magazines and news portals in one place and I can manage them in my own way to get a highly personalized experience.

3. Using calendars

I used to wonder why one needs a digital calendar in my younger days. Later, when I learnt about Google Calendar I had wished that I could use one because it wasn't any useful to create events and log them into Google Calendar and forget them later. Now I can set alert in my phone to remind me of the event in advance so that I don't miss it. That's going to be quite useful later, not just to set reminder about the event but to keep record of events I do at present. In the future, I will have my own history.

These are the utilities I have discovered in this low range smartphone (GT-S5360) till now. I will keep on informing you my new discoveries about its utility in the days to come.

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