Watch Youtube Videos Smoothly in Nepal!

There's good news for those who love watching videos  Youtube in Nepal. When you used to watch before, you had to wait for a long time for the videos to load. However, from now on you can watch it very smoothly, thanks to the launch of Google’s Server in Nepal.

According to the news, Google in collaboration with Nepal Telecom had installed its server in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, a few months ago. Probably, it has now been fully installed and the Youtube videos now play much faster than they would do previously. So, it’s big news for all of those who were wishing that they could watch videos in Youtube. If not anyone, I was desperately waiting for this change to happen because I have understood the importance of watching videos.

You might be wondering whether watching videos is worth the time and effort. In my opinion it's a big "Yes" because with the help of videos you can get information much faster and in an easier way than reading text or even listening to the audio-books. For the heavy consumer of information like me, this is indeed a much awaited progress and I am sincerely thankful to Google team and NTC, for this constructive collaboration.

Similarly, this is good news to the aspiring video bloggers in Nepal. Now there’s a possibility that their videos can get larger number of audiences. My best of luck to them.

In short, I am really excited about this new change. What about you? Test it for yourself to find out how fast watching videos has become. I was able to play videos smoothly when I first discovered this on my own yesterday. Later I found out the the download speed, for the Youtube videos, was also significantly faster on my same 128 kbps ADSL internet connection. So, it's really a good news for us all.

Have a good day watching some videos at Youtube!

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