August 2012

There are altogether four BBA colleges in Chitwan and nearby district Nawalparasi. In the last post, I briefly reviewed four universities of Nepal that are currently providing BBA degree in Nepal. Now, in this post, I will provide you the information about the four different colleges which run BBA programs. Among them, three lie in Chitwan district whereas one lies in Nawalparasi (Gaindakot) district. You can attend all these four colleges from Chitwan. So, if you are going to decide which college to choose to pursue your management studies in the bachelor level, this article will be helpful to you.

Universities With BBA Progam in Nepal
BBA program is a cherished management program. However, there are many variations in the BBA degree and I will explain you about these in this article. In Nepal, there are mainly four universities which provide BBA degree to students. These universities run their programs both through their own campuses as well as other affiliated colleges. In this post, I am going to evaluate the BBA degree of each of the different universities so as to help you decide which university to choose or recommend to your friends or juniors.

NTC's ADSL VS WorldLink's DSL
In the bid to improve my internet connection experience, I recently switched my Internet Service Provider from NTC to WorldLink. I used NTC's ADSL Internet service for one whole year. However, when my ADSL Router got damaged by Lightening, I subscribed to WorldLink's DSL internet service and by now, it has already been three months since I started using it. So, I think it's the time now to review the WorldLink's internet service.

As opposed to ADSL, which is a more recent but sub-technology, WorldLink uses the broadband DSL (Digital Subscribers Line) technology to provide internet service to the people. It uses the wireless technology and therefore, you can also get a connection to the remote area, if the physical distance is appropriate. Also, its coverage (range) is a bit greater than that of the ADSL whose coverage is limited to the area within only 3 kilometers from the telecommunication office.

This article is for those students who are willing to start a business alongside their college education. Many students want to become independent these days. They want to support themselves. If they are business students like me, they might be willing to start their own business and learn the ups and downs of a business through a firsthand experience.

Since the nature and scope varies with every business, I have tried to classify them into broad categories, just to give you some ideas about what you can do alongside your study. The possibility and profitability of each business varies with time and place. So, I recommend you to analyze the costs and benefits of each business in your locality before deciding upon which business to start.

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