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Updated: 23/12/2019

There are altogether six BBA colleges in Chitwan including one college in the nearby district of Nawalparasi. In the last post, I briefly reviewed four universities of Nepal that are currently providing BBA degree in Nepal. Now, in this post, I will provide you the information about the six different colleges which run BBA programs and are accessible to the students of Chitwan. Among them, five lie in Chitwan district whereas one lies in Nawalparasi (Gaindakot) district. I have included Oxford College of Engineering and Management from Nawalparasi because you can attend it from Chitwan. So, if you are going to decide which college to choose to pursue your management studies in the bachelor level, this article will be helpful to you.

Boston International College

Established in 2009 AD, Boston is committed to impart top quality education to its students. I personally recommend this college because firstly, I studied at Boston (am now a proud Alumnus) and secondly Boston is the most innovative and committed business school not just in Chitwan, but also in the whole country. Formal education goes side by side with practical extra-curricular activities, which are conducted by students every Friday. Boston college features a total of four programs: BBA, BBA-BI, BCIS and MBA and all these programs are administered by Pokhara University. Boston has specialized in providing business education and frequently conducts business workshops, guest lecture classes, training, seminars, industrial trips, and the like. Currently, Boston has implemented Boston Complete College Program (BCCP) program to make students more employable after they graduate.

BBA-BI, shorthand for Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance, and BCIS, abbreviation of Bachelor of Computer Information System are alternative programs available at Boston for students who have special interest in banking, insurance and IT sector. You can view detailed information about Boston at For its commitment and approach in delivering practical business education, I think, Boston can be rightly called one of the top Business Schools of Nepal like Ace and Apex.

Oxford College of Engineering and Management

Oxford College is another college which provides the BBA degree of Pokhara University. Oxford college runs many other programs like BCA, BE and so on. As a result, the management might not get time to focus on BBA only to organize guest lectures, industrial visits, workshops and similar programs which can help the students to gain practical skills useful for their career in the future. You can learn more about OCEM in its website at

Presidency College of Management Sciences

Presidency College is affiliated to Purbanchal University (PurbU). All the disadvantages of Purbanchal University are automatically ascribed to this college. I think this is a good college, however, I can't say that it is as committed as Boston to provide excellent education. Learn more about this college from its own site at

Balkumari College

Balkumari College is also affiliated to Purbanchal University for its BBA course. However, apart from that, Balkumari is a strict and well managed college in the town. It has also a cheaper price structure as compared to other colleges and there is good competition among the students to get admitted to the limited number of seats available in Balkumari College. More about Balkumari College in its own website at:

Birendra Multiple Campus

Birendra Multiple Campus is a public campus that has recently introduced BBA program from Tribhuvan University. This program is fairly new and it would be too early to review its program. The reputation that is attached to the Tribhuvan University is an advantage of studying this course. However, since it is a public campus, the quality of education provided from the side of the campus is doubtful to say the very least.

Valley State College

Valley State College is also a new college established in 2012 and it runs BBA program of Pokhara University. This college is located in Basanta Chowk, Bharatpur-09, Chitwan. It has plans to shift to its new building in Hakimchowk, which is under construction at the moment.

My Recommendation

In the end, it is you, the student, who has to study. Nevertheless, choosing a good college can make a lot of things easier for your as well as expose yourself to many new opportunities. If you follow my suggestion, I would recommend Boston College. After having studied at Boston for four years, I have seen how the management is continuously trying to improve the quality of business education. I was the second batch, but I got ample opportunities to attend workshops, seminars, residential workshop, industrial visits and so on. Below are some of the highlights I got to attend:

Highlights of the Opportunities I got to attend by being a student of Boston

  • "Skills for Employment" training, an intensive 16 hours training program delivered by London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) Nepal from December 20-22, 2014 at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, Dhulikhel from LCCI trainers: Manohar Man Shrestha, Abilash Acharya, Deep Ram Tandon and Roshan Rathi.
  • "Conducting Seminar" workshop at Boston on April 5 and 6, 2014 delivered by Sohan Babu Khatri, who is a prominent scholar, entrepreneur & mentor.
  • Guest Lecture class on "Entrepreneurship" on September 21, 2013 also by Sohan Babu Khatri.
Therefore, for an ambitious business students, who want to make a career in middle and Executive level managerial positions or want to start their own businesses as an entrepreneur, Boston is a right place to be.

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