NTC's ADSL VS WorldLink's DSL
In the bid to improve my internet connection experience, I recently switched my Internet Service Provider from NTC to WorldLink. I used NTC's ADSL Internet service for one whole year. However, when my ADSL Router got damaged by Lightening, I subscribed to WorldLink's DSL internet service and by now, it has already been three months since I started using it. So, I think it's the time now to review the WorldLink's internet service.

As opposed to ADSL, which is a more recent but sub-technology, WorldLink uses the broadband DSL (Digital Subscribers Line) technology to provide internet service to the people. It uses the wireless technology and therefore, you can also get a connection to the remote area, if the physical distance is appropriate. Also, its coverage (range) is a bit greater than that of the ADSL whose coverage is limited to the area within only 3 kilometers from the telecommunication office.

Now, is it worth switching over to WorldLink?

As far as I am concerned, it has been worth switching to Worldlink. However, its service is not devoid of problems. So, if you are thinking to switch over to DSL, then you need to be careful while making your decision. If you are an ADSL user and you don't encounter FREQUENT outages and DNS problems and your internet connection works fine most of the time, I would suggest you not to bother switching to WorldLink's DSL internet service. OCCASSIONAL outages, DNS problems, and other MINOR problems are common (means you'll have to face them occasionally) even if you go with WorldLink.

However, if your ADSL is constantly slow, your Wi-Fi icon turn into "No Internet Access" icon frequently, and you are facing various problems, and your home is more than 3 kilometers far from Nepal Telecom Office, then I would definitely recommend you to switch over to WorldLink's wireless DSL broadband internet.

A word of warning

Although WorldLink's internet service is quite good, there is a thing you need to be aware about in advance. While the ADSL's DNS problem is automatically resolved (and mostly it's done quite fast), it's not the case with DSL. If your internet service gets some problem (I don't know what the hell goes wrong with it at some moments) you'll need to call the ISP's office to fix the problem. It resolves automatically as well but only occasionally. In the beginning days, I had to call to the office many times and I would say that I had a bad experience but nowadays the problems occur quite occasionally.

Price structure and discount facility

If you are wary about the price structure, WorldLink isn't much expensive as compared to ADSL. Also, you can save time, efforts and money by paying its bills at once for a year or two. If you do so, then your bills will not be more than that of ADSL. Sadly there's no discount facility with Nepal Telecom's ADSL but with WorldLink, there is.


Finally, to summarize in a paragraph, if you are new customer then visit WorldLink Office and talk about whether your location is suitable for their service or not. If it is suitable then you can buy this service. Also you can evaluate other alternatives available to you. If you are ADSL user with a good connection at present, then I recommend you to continue using ADSL. If you are ADSL user and are experiencing some significant problems (not minor problems which are common in both services), then only I would recommend you to switch over to DSL. In overall, DSL has been a bit better to me as compared to ADSL.

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  1. Worldlink/websurfer is totally incompetent. The only reason people put up with this garbage is because the standard has been set so low in Nepal. The techs have no problem lying to you to in lieu of doing their job. On several occasions with this service, I have directly explained the problem and solution; Only to be asked something dumb like, can you please restart your computer?

    If there was a competent alternative I would take that in an instant, but unfortunately nobody seems willing to step up the plate and do the job properly.

    Why do we pay full price for a service that does not work fully on a consistent basis? On what planet is that acceptable?

    People in Nepal like to talk about how the world is not fair and how Nepal is the victim of international hegemony. Nothing has ever been fair anywhere. The order of the day is taking advantage wherever possible.

    That said, Nepalis need to take responsibility for their shoddy workmanship and lazy habits. When I open up a panel and see wires coming uncrimped and pinched at angles greater than 90 degrees (causes reflection) someone has to take responsibility for this. Especially when this sloppy work is preventing me from getting online.

    When a tech comes to my home and lies to my face about how he can not make a cable longer than 2 feet because it would induce signal loss, that person should be fired. It is not acceptable to lie to the customer ever, especially if your motive is to go home without finishing the job after arriving late. This is the kind of behavior that seems acceptable for people working with infrastructure in Nepal. It is no wonder that people can not get clean water, or that the electricity is off half the day.

    Nepal is not ready to deliver a reliable service in any sector because the culture has not advanced to a place where individuals are ready to accept responsibility for their own actions. Until this happens, Nepalis can continue offering weak excuses and complaints about how the world is unfair. Personally, I have lost all patience for this.

    Excuses do not get me online. Competent individuals who are capable of listening and RTFM do.

    1. I am honored to have your wise comments V. Chem! I sometimes believe that we Nepalese dread progress, for some unknown reasons. Otherwise, there is no reason for us to get stuck up at 128/192kbps internet connection where we could easily go up to some 5 to 10 mbps. Actually, I have experienced this speed with the Worldlink itself for a few days. Perhaps the technicians made some mistake at configuring the speed, or they were just testing out a newer technology back then and the internet speed soared up. Downloading 1 Megabyte of data took 2 seconds only, which is a pretty impressive speed for us.

      Another thing is that NTC sets benchmark which is then caught up by other private ISPs. And since NTC is a very profitable company it is reluctant to bring drastic changes as making profit isn't a problem for it. So, the other ISP catch up with it and provide a slightly better service and they too manage to get some customers. As a result, we have to suffer. There is literally no competition at all.

      I also agree with you that Nepalese do not have the culture of accepting their responsibilities. What is more fearful is that, such a culture is neither taught at home, nor at school.

      Also if the politicians of Nepal have been competent and responsible enough, they could have withstood against foreign hegemony and could have done justice to the country.

      We definitely need to change many things in Nepal.

    2. Still, its a wonderful place to be. I just become frustrated when I see so much potential flushed away. Looking back on my comment, I could have worded things more tactfully.

      Within an organization like an ISP it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the lot. When you combine that with the concept of, "Oh well, I did not personally make that mistake, therefore I should not work to rectify that problem..." The situation can spiral out of control. Sometimes as a technician you need to go ahead and fully address the problem instead of doing a quick fix, even if you have been directed otherwise. That is unless you do not mind continually having to fix the same issue and have no pride in your work.

      There are some good guys over there at Worldlink, but maybe not enough in the right positions. Clearly accountability is a problem and when you are in charge you are accountable for everyone.

    3. Thanks for your love towards our country Nepal! Our country has so much resources but our system is highly inefficient in utilizing them well. We, the younger generation people, will try our best to change this scenario!

  2. I switched to ADSL from worldlink. The marketing representative was very bad. When I called about the slow connection, download speed was like 7KB or lower on 320kbps and even google.com would take ages to load. This kept going on like for about a month. Waste of my Rs2000/-

    Marketing representative told me that I was using a lot of bandwidth. LOL, it was unlimited WiZoome. He told me I should get dedicated connection to have good speed.

    Then I got pissed off and swithced to ADSL with neighbours phone line, we use CDMA fixed, so was using Wlink wireless. ADSL for me is better and cheaper dl/up ratio is also great than Worldlink and their stupid representatives.

    1. I think the wireless network gets affected by many reasons. I occasionally have some problems with my Worldlink these days. However, it was quite smooth for past 2 months.

      When I used ADSL in Kathmandu, it was almost always smooth and constant at 15 KB/s (about 2 years ago). Now, with increased bandwidth it must have gotten better.

      If you pay 1500 (or something like that) you can double the speed. So, if the connection is uninterrupted ADSL is good alternative.

      If ADSL is running well, I am happy that you switched. You should always look for alternatives.

  3. I think adsl is always a better option.

  4. Currently experiencing hell with NTC ADSL. My net connection is so slow, I had to shut down my computer in fear of getting it vandalized by myself. The support number provided never gets picked up. Just wasted my money purchasing an ADSL modem. Now I reckon if buying a broadband router would have been a wise investment. Will see for some time if the speed gets better, otherwise I am thinking of selling it on hamrobazar or making it a paperweight.

  5. Replies
    1. Even I'm having the same feeling at present!!

  6. NTC ADSL is without any doubt a b******t ISP. I tried switching to Worldlink; to my bad luck, my location isn't covered for its wireless reception so without any choice I am stuck with ADSL. To make the matter worse, I recently upgraded the speed to 256kbps and guess what? I find the speed even more horrible than before. I am beginning to wonder if the tech guys decreased the speed instead of increasing. I can't say much about the WorldLink since I never had the chance to experience using it; but I ain't getting my hopes high for it either. Having no alternative competitive ISPs , they are dumping these slow connections over us and we have no choice but to work out with what we get. For someone who used internet at 20mbps, 256kbps surely is a hell. Now, I am beginning to wonder if i did any good getting the connection. I would live without frustrations, at the very least.

    1. Worldlink isn't much better although things differ largely based upon geographical location. Improvement isn't happening any time soon on either of these two alternatives! UTL's CDMA internet service sucks too.

      Ncell is quite expensive and I haven't tried it but rumors hold that it is quite fast!

  7. Im running worldlik in my cyber with 384 kbps unlimited but it's to slow and expensive in my locality. Im thinking of connecting adsl of 512 it is cheaper and speeder am I right? Could any expert honestly suggest me what I can do?Sashi

    1. There are many factors we need to consider such as the distance from the ISP and so on. Therefore, we can't say 'which service is better' at once.

      Worldlink service is degrading as I'm having a lot of problem lately! However, that might still be because of the weather as we are having rain daily!

      If you are running a cyber, then first test out ADSL for one month and see how it goes. If it goes fine, you may switch to ADSL completely.

  8. you mean to say that DNS problem is common to all ADSL users?...this problem occur so much in my connection. It is automatically resolved but sometimes it takes more than a hour to resolve....

    1. Probably! I didn't have that problem in Kathmandu however! But again that was some 3 years ago, when the system was new and the user base low!

    2. I am also in kathmandu.....and this DNS problem is with me since 3 years and its not gone till now...Do you have any tips to solve this problem? Is it because of old router? I have a TPLINK TD-W8901G router.

  9. i use worldlink wireless internet and i am having a lot of problems with it. i researched a bit and found that on one side wlink has a very good CABLE internet but in terms of wireless..it is the worst in nepal. i am having slow internet speed since 3 months, i complain everyday, spending 1000 monthly on my phone bills only. they dont seem to be able to resolve the problem, all they can do is reset your wireless device.so i advice all of the readers to never switch to worldlink wireless. but cable service is fairly good enough. cheers :)

    1. They just say that so they can get you off the phone. Often times, they just make something up. If you catch them in their lies they will hang up the phone. If you call back to complain about their unprofessional conduct, or ask to speak with a supervisor, they will hang up. Sometimes they will have a sales rep call you back instead. Unfortunately, there still is not a good ISP in Nepal.


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