If you are planning to do a BBA course, especially from Nepal, you need to consider many things in mind before you join a program. In this post, I am going to describe five of the most important things, a prospective student has to consider while selecting a college to study BBA.

1. Which university is your prospective college affiliated to?

In Nepal, four universities provide BBA education: Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University. If you have to choose among these four universities, Kathmandu University should be your first choice. The Tribhuwan University comes second in terms of popularity. However, in terms of curriculum content, both Tribhuvan and Pokhara universities are basically the same. I don't think there is much difference whether you study Tribhuvan university's BBA or Pokhara University's BBA. Either is fine. The BBA of Purbanchal University is not recommended, unless the college is good and other factors discussed below need to be considered.