Five Things to Consider in Selecting a BBA College

If you are planning to do a BBA course, especially from Nepal, you need to consider many things in mind before you join a program. In this post, I am going to describe five of the most important things, a prospective student has to consider while selecting a college to study BBA.

1. Which university is your prospective college affiliated to?

In Nepal, four universities provide BBA education: Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University. If you have to choose among these four universities, Kathmandu University should be your first choice. The Tribhuwan University comes second in terms of popularity. However, in terms of curriculum content, both Tribhuvan and Pokhara universities are basically the same. I don't think there is much difference whether you study Tribhuvan university's BBA or Pokhara University's BBA. Either is fine. The BBA of Purbanchal University is not recommended, unless the college is good and other factors discussed below need to be considered.

2. How well is your prospective college managed?

This is one of the most important criteria, in my opinion, to consider for a prospective BBA student. And I suggest you to never judge the college in terms of its academic results only. If the students had performed academically well in previous years, then that might be a result of two possible reasons. First reason is that the students themselves are laborious. If any student gets top result, it is never because he studied in the best college. It is because he worked very hard to get that result. Now, second reason can be because the students are taught to pass with good marks without giving emphasis to gaining knowledge, learning skills and understanding concepts. So, be aware of such colleges.

There are many other criteria to judge the colleges except their past results. If the college manages excursions, various workshops, guest lectures and so on then it is the signal that the college is trying to do something for its students. Similarly, conducting presentations regularly is very very important for BBA students. So you can ask any seniors about whether these kinds of extracurricular, and co-curricular activities are conducted regualary in the prospective college or not. If these kinds of programs are conducted then you are more likely to learn skills needed in your career and work life later. So, choose the college which focuses not only in getting good academic results but also in teaching necessary skills to its students.

Another way to assess whether your college is suitable to you or not is to see its placement record. Placement means getting a job after completing the degree. If the college boasts with a placement statistics such as 75% placement or so on, first check out if it is true by looking at their data and then verifying it by asking your seniors. If the data are found to be true, then it is a green signal to you to study there.

3. Faculties

Faculties are also quite important to consider, although we can place this point under the college management point discussed above. The good teachers have the ability to teach even the stupid students well. Teaching experience greatly matters in assessing whether the faculties are good or not. The experienced teachers are definitely more understanding, realistic and far-sighted. So, know your teachers in advance.

4. How are your friends and seniors?

Before joining a college, evaluate yourself, your friends and the seniors currently studying in the college you want to join. If your friends are not compatible with you then you might have a problem later. Actually, friends are not bad in themselves. However, if you become guided by group behaviour then you might fall into trouble, even without your conscience or knowledge. So, keep yourself in a circle of good companions who can become your colleagues or business partners later.

5. Location and college attendance

The location of your college can be quite important for your student life. If your college is too far and if you are going to miss your first period everyday, you'll miss the study of eight (8) subjects in your whole BBA program. So, sometimes attending college become more important than attending good college. If you cannot attend the college regularly, then there is no point in selecting a better college. So, please consider your location and I always recommend colleges located nearby which you can attend easily.

In conclusion, I briefly described the five major things to consider before selecting the college to pursue your BBA degrees. Although my suggestions and arguments are genuine, you will barely find the perfect college; not in any way in Nepal. However, from the alternatives you have, you can select the best college that suits your need and purpose, and that is what the aim of this article is.

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  1. thanks for sharing nice information on BBA Colleges.

  2. nice article .....very helpfulll.....!!!but 1 question how goood are the colleges affiliated with foriegn or indian universites???

  3. Consider other factors such as location, faculties, college management and so on. If all other factors seem to be good, probably the college will be good for you.

  4. I found this piece quite informative to find a right BBA college -

  5. How good is silver mountain college for BBA which is affliated to Franklin University?

  6. Thanks for sharing such nicely presented information about the BBA colleges in Nepal. One more addition, which can be helpful for the students while selecting the most suitable BBA Colleges, is the infrastructure and other facilities, which mainly include Wi-Fi connectivity, well-equipped lecture halls, computer lab, library with the best of journals and books, an easily accessible E-library, conference halls, tutorial halls, canteen, and parking facility. however these are the basic information that one should check while selecting BBA colleges in India or anywhere.

  7. is kings college good ? i came to know that the degree from foreign universites are taken as a granted in nepal ??? so which college i should choose ??? how is tribhuwan and pokhara universty??

    1. For having BBA degrees, I have the following recommendations:

      1) Kathmandu University is the best among the existing ones in Nepal! It is equally expensive as well.

      2) Afterwards, I don't see much difference, but people value Tribhuvan University's BBA more than other university.

      3) Pokhara University roughly ranks third! I recommend you not to go for Purbanchal University's BBA.

      Now, whether Kings college is good or not is difficult to say. First check out which university's course do they follow. Second check out their facilities and other factors. I don't know if they are affiliated with foreign university. Affiliation is highly important factor to consider because once you are in, you'll have to bear it for the next four years.

  8. You have recommended not to go for Purbanchal University but haven't stated any reason for so. I'm did my BBA from Purbanchal University affiliated college. Course of PU is similar to of Pokhara, KU & TU with few plus and minus covering from Marketing,HR, Finance,IT, ecommerce and all. The only draw back of PU is late exam and result (mostly in engineering) but Pokhara as well have this problem now a days. Thing to be noted here is 2010 BBA batch of PU graduated around 2 months before Pokhara.
    Degree is as good as college is and how you present yourself.

    Important issue Regarding Kings College,
    The college is well market and seems like working to develop its student. But most important - "International American University" with which Kings have affiliation, doesn't have accreditation. NOT recognized by TU, and most of the university in Nepal as well as abroad. The degree doesn't even have full validity in US itself. With that degree you cannot apply for government job, most reputed private companies have requirement of "recognized university",and you cannot apply to good university with that degree abroad. You can research about accreditation; I had a plan to join Kings for master but dropped it after I found it has no accreditation.

    1. Siddhanth ShamsherDecember 8, 2015 at 5:30 AM

      bro..I have also just been admitted to BBA of purbancal university...I have listened many negetive rumours regarding Purbanchal university that graduate frm this university has no future,hard to find jobs n can't apply for foreign countries this true...plz suggest me bro...there is no any other universities BBA other then PU...n BBM n BBS of TU

  9. I have just joined the BBA of Purbanchal university...I have too heard the negative rumours about PU that graduate of PU has no future, has no scope, hard to get jobs, can't apply for gov seats n foreign it right bro...plz suggest me

    1. Dear Siddhanta,

      Do not panic dear! The bad impression I have about "Purbanchal University" is mostly based upon rumours, just like the case with you.

      Luckily I had the option to go for Pokhara University, which is lately have problems in multiple facets, especially timing of exams, the agitations of engineering students and the like.

      I don't think Tribhuwan University's BBA is excellent either. But mind it, the degree sells well (means good rumours).

      At the end of the day, degree is not very important for job purposes. I don't think employer aren't going to compare the university. They will see lot more factors. And from my current knowledge, what I can say is: If two guys have same degree, one from TU and the other from PurbU, and TU student has poor grades, but PurbU student has nice grades, the manager will definitely choose PurbU student. Let's take another case, one has good grades from TU, but not much experiece, and another has equally good or even average grades but has very nice work experience (1 years plus in a reputed company), then I am sure the latter one with the experience is going to get the job.

      So, don't just judge by one factor! Look for as many factors as you can when taking your decision.

      I think you can do all with a PurbU degree (jobs at government offices, banks, private organizations, abroad study, etc!). So, study well, get good experience (for example you can offer volunteering or internship for a period of 3-6 months - after which if you do well they will surely start paying you although not a big amount.) If you start doing that you'll be doing great after you complete your degree. Don't worry about university. It's not that bad, it's just the rumour!


  10. Sir I have listened from different people .In fact from consultancy Purbanchal University doesnot have great value for foreign study infact if u get good grades IS it true Sir?