Summarizing My Two Years of Blogging Experience!

It's now two years since I started blogging and I've come up at a crossroad where I am going to take a side turn from blogging. Yea, I'm taking that turn and you'll know why as I describe my two years of blogging experience below.

A little recourse of my background first!

I saw a computer for the first time when I was in grade seven - around eight years ago (in 2004 AD)! One year later, I got a computer at my home and after another year I started studying visual basic programming privately, being inspired from my friends Bishan Pandey and Sulav Adhikari while studying in the 9th grade. I was able to make a functional program after three months of extensive study of a book and I continued programming in VB, just because of my enthusiasm, till I was in high school, where I had 'computing' subject that required me to do a project in VB. However, there was no scope of programming in our country and making money was a dream which none of us, the three friends, could realize! Probably, none of us made money through programming and we eventually stopped pursuing it.

How had been my blogging experience?

After losing interest in programming, I began to blog using the blogger platform. However, upon finding a free web host, I made one site in static HTML. It was a beautiful site, but very difficult to maintain as I had to update the whole site whenever I had to add a single additional article. Later, I dumped the static site and started to use Wordpress, which was dynamic and much easier. In the meantime, I made many other blogs in blogger as well, some of which are listed here as portfolio.

The good part of blogging

I recently bought 3 top level domains and a web hosting package and now, I have come much ahead in blogging. My GP site, which began as a static site mentioned above, is a good success. I must say that I had tapped into a good niche because it gets moderately good traffic without any effort - around 100 visits per day in average and that soars high during exam times. Moreover, the pleasure and satisfaction I get from helping students by writing articles, providing tips and replying their queries as comments is priceless. That is what keeping me moving on till now.

The striking reality about blogging

The earning from all my sites and blogs combined is nowhere near justifiable at present. From my experience, I have concluded that the income of bloggers and internet marketers, through selling ads and affiliate marketing, as cited in many sites in the web are nothing more than a hype. Even if some of those hyped data are true for a few internet marketers and bloggers, they cannot be replicated by everyone. Many factors play a role in this industry to make your blog a success. Getting them all right is just a coincidence which might happen to some people but not for the majority.

My real income at present is around $10 from Google Adsense, which is the only monetizing tool I use at present! So, the figures speak of themselves! If you guys tell me that I should do spamming, in the form of email marketing, link building, and the like to earn good deal of money, then I'm sorry! I want to earn something legitimately.

A quick advice to prospective bloggers

If you want to do blogging to earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing, I would suggest you better drop your idea but if you have your own product to advertise or sell, or you want to do it as a hobby or any other legitimate purposes, I would definitely recommend you to go ahead.

What has blogging made me?

Blogging has changed me a lot. It has instilled in me the confidence that I can do something and make a difference to my as well as others life. It has helped me set my aim in life and it has given me a lot of other things which are difficult to explain in words. Therefore, I have decided to continue blogging, writing about the journey of life describing what I do and justifying why I do them. I will continue Adsense, so it might generate some money to pay for the blogging costs. Money is crucial at this moment and every cent counts! What will be different is that, I won't devote all my time and energy into blogging but go ahead casually, without caring for SEO and other jargon of blogging industry. I will seek other sources of income to achieve financial freedom and I already have many ideas in my mind. I'll try to act out each of them and live a life of experimentation.

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  1. Along with urself learning a lot, you have helped me a lot. I will never forget your help bro !!!