December 2012

There are literally thousands of types of online businesses which you can venture. However, not all those business models are reliable! In fact many of them are seriously flawed and misleading, affiliate marketing, for example. And most of the rumors, cited as ‘facts’, you hear about online businesses are either scams or just some kind of HYPE! Such hyped businesses are not the matter of this article. You can read about such businesses in my previous post. In this post, let me introduce yourself with the legitimate and reliable business models that perform well in the online world. After reading this article, you’ll be convinced why I claim that such models work while the hyped ones which I have discussed in previous post do not work.

Online world is full of opportunities, challenges and uncertainties. Taking the benefit of these three characteristic features, many online businesses have been ventured. Some of them do well whereas others are a blatant failure. However, because of the huge possibilities and uncertainties in the online world some marketers take the ‘benefit of doubt’ and claim that they have been successful in some kind of commission-based businesses, to lure others to join them and buy some of their products. Ultimately, they will reap the financial rewards resulting from referral commission or sales of their own products whereas their followers are ripped off.

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