Overhyped Online Businesses Which Don’t Work in Reality

Online world is full of opportunities, challenges and uncertainties. Taking the benefit of these three characteristic features, many online businesses have been ventured. Some of them do well whereas others are a blatant failure. However, because of the huge possibilities and uncertainties in the online world some marketers take the ‘benefit of doubt’ and claim that they have been successful in some kind of commission-based businesses, to lure others to join them and buy some of their products. Ultimately, they will reap the financial rewards resulting from referral commission or sales of their own products whereas their followers are ripped off.

In this post, I’m going to discuss the business models which necessarily don’t work for everyone and therefore, should be looked upon with caution.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling products and services of others and earning commission based on sales. Affiliate marketing tops off the list of the most unreliable and the most exaggerated form of online business. Well, I can believe that less than one percent of the total people engaged in affiliate marketing do indeed achieve some level of success. Anything more than that is simply hype.

The reasons why internet marketers claim a fake success can be many. For example, they may get an opportunity to sell you their own products which are generally about learning the tricks of affiliate marketing. They may get chance to provide you service to setup your sites and affiliate accounts for a fee. And there could be other potential benefits for them, especially the increase in the number of visitors to their sites and so on.

I simply don’t believe that people publish their real income publicly! For example, Bill Gates has earned tons of money from his company Microsoft Corporation. But have he ever written a book describing his success story, and publishing his monthly income so as to help you setup a similar company and earn like him? Who on earth publishes his personal income in a public page just to help someone else achieve similar result in the same line of business? If you had really been that successful, you would have rather focused in expanding your business and, more often than not, in hiding some portion of your income to bypass the tax!

The idea of investing so much of time and energy to sell someone else’s product and make profit for him or her is, in itself, disgusting.  And what if you don’t earn enough to compensate for your time and effort investment? So, unless you are CERTAIN that you’ll make the satisfactory amount of bucks do not go for this business model.

2. Referral

Referral is similar to affiliate marketing. In this you refer one product or service to your audience and earn referral commission. In affiliate marketing, you create a sales page as if you are selling your own product. However, in referrals you just put the link to the product you refer your visitors and the customer is directed to the original sales page. This model also doesn’t work much as the commission is low and the chances are that the customers do not always buy things right away by considering that you need to make some referral income to survive. This is okay for a part time income, but never dream of making an income in more than 3 digits!

3. Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is another business model which is not for everyone. You need to tap into the profitable niche which is partly a matter of luck and partly a matter of experiment. Selecting a too vague (general) topic would create difficulty to you in establishing your authority in that topic. Selecting a more particular topic might make it unnoticeable, especially if the search volumes for that topic are too low. Moreover, competition from fellow marketers is another thing that you have to keep up with!

Niche marketing is mostly combined with affiliate marketing, referral and/or advertising using Adsense, Chitika, etc to make an income. These business models are too complex and confusing for the beginners and for that reason too I don’t recommend them to you. Niche marketing is effective technique if you have your own product or service to offer to your customers.

4. Earning Advertising Income By writing Content

Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) based advertising solutions like Chitika and Adsense can also be used to earn supplemental income by writing content and publishing advertisements alongside the content. However, you cannot make a full time income by using these advertising technologies. Of course, if you are unethical and copy paste someone else’s content you might make some bucks as you publish volumes of content in your site but if you want to legitimately earn money and write content yourself you are just putting yourself into trouble by working too hard to earn too little.

Moreover, copy-pasting and other unethical practices have their own legal consequences and the resulting obstacles which will make it impossible to sustain for a long term.

Nevertheless, if you want to acquire more knowledge on some topics, earn name and fame, and have other purposes in your mind then content writing can be a great way to achieve such goals.

In the end, all these tools and technologies discussed in this post are okay if you want to earn additional income but cannot provide you a full time income for you to say good bye to your regular job. Any income figure with more than 3 digits should be looked upon with caution. Moreover, since these businesses are of highly dynamic nature and are constantly subject to change and competition, they cannot be a sustainable source of income for a long term. Of course, you can adapt with the changing scenarios, but that is not enough always. Therefore, I advise you to think twice before you decide dropping your regular job to start an online business, especially if that is of the type discussed in this post. If you really want to start an online business then read my next post where I’ll discuss about the reliable online business models.

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