Dissatisfaction is a Fuel for Creativity

I was dissatisfied, especially from the pathetic earnings I made through blogging. Rather than
working hard like a mule, I thought that I would be better off if I did something outside this online world. So, I started thinking about “offline entrepreneurship”.

I was looking for something that required low investment and generated moderately acceptable return. Eventually, I found ‘tomato and chilly farming’ the easiest thing to get started. There is around 2 katha of land behind my own house which I can bring into use and cultivate these crops.

However, I was already one month late to produce tomatoes and chilies in the off-season, when the price of the product is reasonably good thus making the activity profitable. However, I didn't want to wait even for a few months to cultivate something else. I wanted to get started right away and I just did that.

With great difficulties, huge effort, lot of physical labor and help from my brother I became successful in producing tomatoes. But because of the one month delay, lack of experience, and many other factors the financial earnings were well below the investment. This taught me that a good capital investment is necessary even in the agro-sector; especially if I had used plastic mulch, drip irrigation and greenhouse to cultivate the crops organically, I might have been better off.

In the meantime, the farm didn't provide full time work, especially after the plantation is over. Hence, I started a shop selling cosmetics, gifts, and partly some apparel. It was a bigger investment to which I managed to collect capital from my mother, my brother and whatever had remained with myself. What I learnt in this process is that we should take the help of our relatives and friends if we want to do something, especially when we don’t have adequate capital.

The shop has become a great way to mobilize fund, gain experience, connect with people, deal with customers, and so on. This is acquainting me with practical knowledge of working in a business environment. Plus, because of the low customer base, I have plenty of time to sketch, write blog posts, study, and do anything I like. This is really an added advantage of running a shop. However, running the retail outlets like my shop is definitely not what I want to do in the future.

Moreover, I did one more thing. I took “Radio Program Presentation and Basic Journalism Training” and developed a radio program. I then submitted an application to run the program at a local fm station. I sat for interview and gave a voice test as well but was eventually not selected. Although I was rejected, it was my first attempt and I now know what “voice test” means. I’m thinking to try out at another station or I’ll resort to YouTube, if things go as expected!

All these events in the past 6 months, the lack of financial success at farming, shop not being immensely successful to make good earning, and acknowledging the low remuneration for RJs, have brought me back to the situation where I had started. The only difference now is that I have got some experience of working in the real world. I now have experience of doing something on my own initiation, but am still not satisfied with the earnings I make so far. This has led me into rethinking what I have done in the past and where should I be going now, once again.

On retrospect, I have regained respect for blogging as earning money is altogether a difficult thing irrespective of the business sector and blogging is in no way an exception. Working hard like horse is perhaps not the way to achieve success, not least in the online world. However, if we can bring innovative ideas and convert them into actions, the online sector is the most lucrative sector as it is the fastest growing sector. I don't have regrets for deviating from this sector. In fact, I appreciate that decision as I regained faith in online entrepreneurship, and knew that all sectors are difficult in the beginning.

Again, although I have achieved failure at agriculture, I think this is the sector where I can bring more difference than any other sectors. I have known my mistakes, and if I keep correcting them agro sector too has a great potential, especially to provide employment opportunities to large number of people. Moreover, with the haphazard use of chemicals we don’t know what we are eating. And I want to take control of that by involving myself into this sector.

In short, I have finally found where I will be going, that is, technology (blogging and e-commerce) and agriculture. Coming back to the title, dissatisfaction forces us to think differently, try out new things and learn something which we would have never learnt otherwise. Thinking differently brings about innovation, and dissatisfaction fuels that up and makes the process faster!

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