Business Research on "Cow Farming"

In the fifth semester of BBA, we are required to conduct a research and prepare a report based upon the research. I had conducted a research on the following Title:

A view of Tin Tare Cow Farm
I'm going to share my experience of doing the research with you. I will also share the Report as well as it's Presentation slides with you here.

My first research topic was related to 'Technology'

At first I had chosen a topic "Opportunities and Challenges of Online Jobs in Nepal" which was related to technology since I had a technological background. It was heavily based upon primary data, which was however, almost impossible to collect, as finding 30 respondents was very difficult. So, this project was not feasible to complete in the given time frame and by finding the required number of samples. As a result, I had to change my mind and think of a different project.

Choosing this Topic

Afterwards, I chose a simple project which I could complete well, and within the deadline. Because, Tintare Krishi Bikash (P) Ltd, a cow rearing business, was situated in my own locality, it was easy for me to visit the farm, collect data, and conduct the research properly. Moreover, cow-farming is a booming agribusiness in Nepal, and more so in Chitwan, and it was creating curiosity in me.

(WIP) Milking the cows
Why I chose the topic of 'Cow Farming'?

The establishment of big cow farms in Nepal such as the Chitawon Milk (P) Ltd. and Kalinchowk Cow Farm (P) Ltd. was indeed the response to the increase in the demand for the dairy products in Nepal, and an indication that cow-farming is a profitable business. And further, my aim is to invest in the agro-based businesses in Nepal after completing my Business Administration degrees. Therefore, cow farming was the most suitable and the most relevant topic to conduct a research study for me.

Conducting the research

Afterwards, I went to the farm and performed study by using various research methodologies like field observation, and personal interview with the owners of the farm. They were quite supportive and provided me with enough information to complete my case study based research project. My main focus during the study was the method or process of rearing cows commercially by analyzing the practices of an existing firm.

Filtering the milk and pouring it into the Plastic cans just after milking

So, I researched upon how the cows's breed were selected, how they were fed, cleaned, milked, and how they were taken care when they fall sick. In overall, the cows of the productive breeds like Holstein, Jersey and Mini Jersey were housed in a scientific shed which was designed by keeping the feeding, cleaning and milking aspects in mind. Taking care of them is a specific and straightforward process and were done accordingly. In conclusion, cow farming is a recommended business for the prospective entrepreneurs if done properly and by following the standard practices.

Report preparation

After the research work was completed, I analyzed the findings  and compiled them into a Research Report which you can view at this link as a sample research report. I hope this will help you to gain some ideas to conduct your own research and then write a report afterwards, which is necessary for your Business Administration degree. However, I pledge you not to copy any portion of this report without proper citation and referencing to my original work.


After the report was completed, I had to give the presentation in front of my friends and my supervisor. Therefore, I created the presentation by using the main sections of the report and gave the presentation. You can view my presentation here which can give you the ideas about how to do your own presentation of your research.

Post Research Advice

Because doing a research honestly is really fun and enjoyable, especially when you go for data collection and report your findings by gaining new knowledge and by taking photos of the new things you find there, I request all of you to do research truly and by yourself. You'll thank me once you complete your report, for this free advice!

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