When did I ask question to Sohan sir?

The first time I spoke in the guest lecture class by Sohan Babu Khatri, I said, "Agriculture".

The guest class, entitled "Entrepreneurship", was arranged for BBA 6th semester students by our college. The first question asked by Sohan Sir regarding entrepreneurship was, "How many of you want to become an entrepreneur?" I simply raised my hand along with a few other friends of mine. I did not speak.

The second question, on the same topic, was "which sector are you going to invest in?"

Everyone was silent. After a little pause, I gave the only response "Agriculture". This is the time I spoke in the lecture.

"What is your business idea?" he wanted to check if I was genuinely answering.

"I want to do organic farming."

"Good", he was somewhat pleased by getting an answer. "What do you know about organic farming?"

"Organic farming refers to cultivating crops without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and using their organic alternatives. And blah, blah, blah…"

"Have you done any research about it? For example, how is the market of organic farming?"

"Actually, I have not done any formal research. I've just made up my mind. I think, if we can make people aware about the benefits of organic products, then people will buy them. We won't have much problem with marketing."

"Do you know how many organic farms are there in Chitwan?"


"Have you visited any farm?"

"Yes. I've visited a chilly farm in, Jyamire; and a few others in my locality which I don't remember exactly."

"So, anyway, you do have some idea. Good." Sohan sir ended his interrogation.

Later, in the class.

Sohan sir, pointing out my mistake, "Don't see my finger when I'm trying to show you the moon." I kept quiet.

Again, after a while, Sohan sir asked another rhetorical question, "Show me a successful person who has never failed even a single times in his life and I'll show you a dead man walking." Probably it wasn't even a question.

I instantly said, "Sir, first show us a dead man walking and then I will show you a successful person who has never failed." I had expected that he would appreciate this creative way of replying. But he did not appreciate. "Don't see my finger; see the moon", he repeated.

Probably I should not have said this. He took it seriously and he further added, "Well, if you are trying to make a joke out of this, you just made a fool of yourself." Well, I realized that I made a mistake. He gave me that opportunity to learn. I instantly felt guilty but did not regret much for I thought it to be natural to make mistakes. I forgave myself.

Again I found a reason to justify myself and although I appeared over-smart, my intention was not one. I was guided by another principle taught by Sohan sir and probably everyone, "think differently."

After some time we had a break for ten minutes which was extended to thirty minutes to have snacks.

In the meantime, one of our teachers told me in an embarrassing manner, "There are many smart people out here. No one is less [intelligent] than anyone. You don't have to ask questions [to show your smartness] when everyone is keeping quiet."

But when did I ask question to Sohan sir?

Ok, let me accept that I made some mistakes by interacting in the guest lecture class. But is keeping quiet the appropriate solution to my mistakes? I want to ask this question openly to everyone who read this post, and especially to Sohan sir.

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  1. Sir I'm also the stdent of BBA and I am too much interested in Agriculture.But I havent any idea.would you please help me??