December 2013

My father used to say, “in order to gain something we should give up something else.” However, I never believed in this philosophy of my father. I needed everything in my life and that is probably what has made all the difference.

This is how Mr. Chaudhary ascribes the reason of his success in his autobiography, “Binod Chaudhary”. Mr. Chaudhary, a renowned industrialist and the first Nepali citizen to register his name in the Forbes Magazine’s list of Worlds’ Billionaires, can be a good role model for the wannabe businesspersons and entrepreneurs of Nepal. His autobiography came just in time shortly after he registered his name in the list.

I was very eager to read this book when I learnt about it for the first time. And it didn't disappoint me. This book is a must read one for the aspiring businesspersons and entrepreneurs.

I may fail, in my pursuit of business/career. I may find it difficult to solve the problems that might arise in course of doing a business. However, that is not the reason to sacrifice my free will  and choose to pursue MBA or any other so-called “further education” programs right after my BBA. MBA is not an accomplishment in itself and therefore, not a matter to boast upon. My philosophy, boast upon something that is worth it.

Google Translate has now added support to translation in Nepali language. This is another good news to the Nepali Language lovers, with the first one being "Hamro Nepali Keyboard" which lets you type in Nepali right from your Android Smartphone.

Google Translate as of now is capable of doing correct word to word translation only. The sentence translation are still quite a mess and there's a long way to go before its translation becomes satisfactory. However, it is a good news for us that Google gave us a priority and included our language in its translate product.

For those, who want to type in Nepali language right from their Android smartphones, the wait is over now. Developer Shankar Uprety has developed a new keyboard which allows users to type in Nepali Unicode characters. However, unlike the PC version of the Unicode keyboard which needs accurate typing, the mobile version is much easier. You just have to type in roman language and it automatically guesses what you are trying to write. Selecting the correct guess will make your typing even faster.

It would be unfair to say that "Internet Problem" has disabled us to blog. In fact, I am thankful that I am getting something to write about. However, the unexpected outage and the resulting annoyance are not to be neglected.

We blog means we do many things online. First of all, we are tech savvy. We rely on technology, especially the Internet, too much. Whatever be the topic of our blogging, we depend upon the internet to remain updated with the latest happenings in that topic/field. We often need to do research, interact with our audience in Social Networking Sites as well as in the comments, and do many such things. So, internet is the backbone of blogging.

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