Internet Problem Hinders Blogging in Nepal

It would be unfair to say that "Internet Problem" has disabled us to blog. In fact, I am thankful that I am getting something to write about. However, the unexpected outage and the resulting annoyance are not to be neglected.

We blog means we do many things online. First of all, we are tech savvy. We rely on technology, especially the Internet, too much. Whatever be the topic of our blogging, we depend upon the internet to remain updated with the latest happenings in that topic/field. We often need to do research, interact with our audience in Social Networking Sites as well as in the comments, and do many such things. So, internet is the backbone of blogging.

However, we have internet problems in many levels which have hindered the development of blogging and e-commerce as well in Nepal. Below I have described the limitations of the Internet services in Nepal.

Frequent Interruption

The frequent interruption disturbs us and undermines our creativity. Whenever I complete writing a post, I usually have to push the "Publish" button many times just to get the published. It causes irritation and we cannot be sure that the post has been published. We cannot even check it straight away to find out whether the post has been published during such times. Such, unanticipated interruptions shifts our focus towards these trivial problems, which reduces our creativity as well as productivity.

Low Bandwidth

The low bandwidth is another hurdle which lags us behind our counterparts in the other parts of the world. Bloggers in other countries have the option to include rich media contents like high quality pictures and videos in their blogs. However, we have to curb the image size before publishing and mostly the uploading of videos is a real headache. Waiting for hours even just to publish a short video is our bitter reality. Even if the bloggers put up the time and effort to upload and publish the videos, the viewers will not be able to watch it because of small bandwidth. Worldlink and NTC seriously need to do something to increase the bandwidth of the internet.

Power Outage

Indirectly, power outage (load shedding) also creates problem to the bloggers. First of all, if the bloggers use desktop computers then they either need to use another power source like inverter or have to just shut down their PC and do something else. However, the laptop users are also not much better off. They have to find external power source to supply electricity to the router. We have to take extra burden to get nothing extra in return.

These problems create difficulty to bloggers and reduce their creativity and productivity. We are forced to take a complex route even just to do a simple thing. Lack of stable and reliable Internet connection creates a great problem to the bloggers and tech savvy persons. We sincerely hope that such problems will be promptly addressed by our Internet Service Providers.

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