Type in Nepali from your Android Phone

For those, who want to type in Nepali language right from their Android smartphones, the wait is over now. Developer Shankar Uprety has developed a new keyboard which allows users to type in Nepali Unicode characters. However, unlike the PC version of the Unicode keyboard which needs accurate typing, the mobile version is much easier. You just have to type in roman language and it automatically guesses what you are trying to write. Selecting the correct guess will make your typing even faster.

It is a beta version for now and still a work in progress as stated by the developer in the Google Play Store's description. You can learn more about this app and download it at the following link:

Learn more and Download Hamro Nepali Keyboard.

It integrates well even in the low-range smartphones like the Galaxy Young. As a result, I got the opportunity to test it. It was a very good start and many improvements are coming along the way. The developers, whom I follow on Twitter are seriously working on improving it further to make it more stable and user-friendly.

I often like to tweet in Nepali and was looking for something which would allow me to do so right from my smartphone. This app came just in time for me. So, I thought to share it with you in case you too are looking for something similar.

Hope you'll enjoy using this app.

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