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Almost everyone is busy in the developed countries because they get flexible jobs like part-time jobs, commission basis jobs, and so on. However, why don’t we have such jobs here in our country?

Part time jobs are highly essential to be introduced in the Nepalese market and the right time cannot be further from now. It has many advantages to the employers, employees and the economy as a whole. Entrepreneurs in our country need to understand and exploit this innovative opportunity.

Why part-time job is necessary?

Nepalese organizations are not professional. For instance, a simple organization like a computer teaching institute is not profitable if it runs computer tuition classes only. It has to modify itself according to the changing seasons. For example, prior to the SLC and +2 board examinations the organizations need to run tuition classes on the regular academic courses. They get students for computer tuition only in the post SLC and post +2 scenario. This is one simple example. Many organizations in fact find themselves in the similar situation. Introduction of part time jobs can be, thus, highly helpful to them.

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Entrepreneurs are the owners of the business. They employ others rather than seeking employment for
themselves. However, can job be of any use to them? In this post, I am going to explain, how a job can be useful for the future (wannabe) entrepreneurs.

First Hand Work Experience

First of all, a job can be an excellent way of getting first hand work experience in the field you are planning to commence a business. Starting a business without understanding the real world challenges in the field of business is equivalent to gambling rather than business risk-taking. Risk is different in case of starting business compared with gambling. The outcome is totally uncertain for gamblers, however for the businessmen, risk is calculated and prepared for in advance. The question is not of a total gain or loss as in gambling, and hence business is generally less risky. Moreover, the risk can be minimized highly with knowledge and experience. Therefore, a work experience is crucial.

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Change is a beautiful thing, which people fail to understand well in their life. In fact, the beauty of our life is we can change and become different anytime we want. Let me draw some perceptions or negative stereotypes on change.

Stereotype # 1: Look he/she has changed after he/she went to the city, abroad, or some other place. We mean to say, he has become different in an undesirable or unconventional way.

Stereotype # 2: Be yourself, don’t change yourself for anyone. This is used to talk about relationships in the sense that others should accept you the way you are. You are already good, and therefore, don’t need to change whatsoever! One should love you as you are, if they deserve you, is the essence.

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What is blogging?

Blogging is an online medium to chase your hobby, interest, business or career by means of technology. You explore your hobby by penning down your ideas, sharing them with the world, and discussing on those ideas. The medium that lets you do all these is your blog. All the activities you do in the process constitute blogging.

So, blogging essentially involves creating a blog, creating contents (written articles, photographs, and videos; or appropriate mixes of these media to create multimedia content) and publishing it in the blog.

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During my childhood I used to expect perfection in everything; the programs conducted in the schools, arts and our daily activities. I demanded everything to be done in proper manner, perfectly. I wanted teachers to be perfect. I couldn't even stand the spelling errors. That’s why I used to write most of the words correctly, making them compatible with the edited books. I was a purist and a utopian.

It was August 3rd, 2013, when my one year old Hosting account in JustHost was going to expire. And unfortunately, I was unable to renew the account for two important reasons:
  1. I didn't have any medium to make online payment
  2. Renewal cost was exceptionally higher than the promotional price of web host.
When I was using free hosts, before using a paid hosted server, I had to cope up with various limitations of the “so-called” free hosts. Therefore, when I had got a chance to buy a hosting package using my friends Prepaid MasterCard, I had immediately bought one thinking that the money generated through my blogs (using Adsense) will suffice to bear the cost of web-host and domain. However, that didn't turn out to be true.

Load Shedding not only hampers our everyday life but also our business and our productivity. Due to the electricity shortages a lot of businesses cannot run their factories. The young people can’t use the internet, especially the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The ladies can’t watch their favorite TV serials. The children can’t watch cartoons and play video games. The students can’t study during the evening and night. So, basically load shedding is a vice.

However, you can convert the load shedding hours into a useful time. The impacts of load shedding are different at day and night. Hence, we need to devise our plan accordingly.

Across all cultures and across all the languages, I found one tendency to be particularly common among the people. Whether it is the first world, or the Third World, this tendency seems almost universal. That is the tendency to speak the “Toot Toot” words.

Frankly speaking I’m not the student of anthropology or sociology who has studied the languages and cultures at depth. So, there is every chance that my claims are the result of my hasty generalization. Or it could be that someone had already wondered and pondered upon this topic! Despite all these, I believe that this trend is persistent in the cultures the world over and there’s a need to point it out and be fascinated or shocked by this discovery.

Like Statistics of My Page
Trying to get the attention of people by means of advertising is something we feel uncomfortable about. That’s because we do not like to bother others for our personal gain. We expect the people to find us and approach us by themselves. I have the same attitude.

However, I found that this philosophy doesn't work well in reality. In this article I want to draw your attention to my small experience from Facebook.

I hate the occasional invitations to like a Page as much as I hate the random game requests. However, the day before yesterday one of my friends approached me through message to like his page. Again I don't like to randomly "Like" Pages as that clutters up my timeline. However, refusing to like his page would also disappoint him. Therefore, I stroke a win-win deal for both of us. I agreed to like his page on the condition that he too will like my page.

Happy New Year to all my dear readers! May this year bring you all the peace and prosperity you wished for!

With the New Year just a couple of hours away, I just remembered that I had some resolutions to make for the coming year. Although resolutions are easy to make but difficult to follow through, they set us some criteria to judge how our year went at the end of the year. Therefore, I am pushing myself to make some commitments for the upcoming year.

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