January 2014

Across all cultures and across all the languages, I found one tendency to be particularly common among the people. Whether it is the first world, or the Third World, this tendency seems almost universal. That is the tendency to speak the “Toot Toot” words.

Frankly speaking I’m not the student of anthropology or sociology who has studied the languages and cultures at depth. So, there is every chance that my claims are the result of my hasty generalization. Or it could be that someone had already wondered and pondered upon this topic! Despite all these, I believe that this trend is persistent in the cultures the world over and there’s a need to point it out and be fascinated or shocked by this discovery.

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Trying to get the attention of people by means of advertising is something we feel uncomfortable about. That’s because we do not like to bother others for our personal gain. We expect the people to find us and approach us by themselves. I have the same attitude.

However, I found that this philosophy doesn't work well in reality. In this article I want to draw your attention to my small experience from Facebook.

I hate the occasional invitations to like a Page as much as I hate the random game requests. However, the day before yesterday one of my friends approached me through message to like his page. Again I don't like to randomly "Like" Pages as that clutters up my timeline. However, refusing to like his page would also disappoint him. Therefore, I stroke a win-win deal for both of us. I agreed to like his page on the condition that he too will like my page.

Happy New Year to all my dear readers! May this year bring you all the peace and prosperity you wished for!

With the New Year just a couple of hours away, I just remembered that I had some resolutions to make for the coming year. Although resolutions are easy to make but difficult to follow through, they set us some criteria to judge how our year went at the end of the year. Therefore, I am pushing myself to make some commitments for the upcoming year.

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