New Year Resolution – 2014

Happy New Year to all my dear readers! May this year bring you all the peace and prosperity you wished for!

With the New Year just a couple of hours away, I just remembered that I had some resolutions to make for the coming year. Although resolutions are easy to make but difficult to follow through, they set us some criteria to judge how our year went at the end of the year. Therefore, I am pushing myself to make some commitments for the upcoming year.

Completion of Bachelors’ Degree

By the end of 2014 I will complete my undergraduate study of BBA. It started in early 2011 and it will end by the end of 2014. So, I will accomplish yet another milestone in academic sector this year. The degree itself would not mean much to me, but it will open me up the possibility to either take a job, do a business or join the Masters Degree program, i.e., the popular MBA.

Facing the Crossroads

Now I have already explained why I do not want to pursue MBA straightaway in this article.

Therefore, I have two alternatives left, taking a job or doing a business. However, things are fishy for me in both of these options. Taking up a decent job is also a difficult thing, mainly for two reasons: my incompatibility with the work environment of our country, and difficulty in finding a satisfying job.

Doing a business is again not an easy alternative. What to do? How to do? Where to do? These are the three important questions which I need to answer even before considering this alternative. Until I have the answers to these questions, this alternative is not an alternative, but a mere possibility. And another thing, I need to have a network of people who will be able to help me with capital, setting up the business and running it. I need the people in order to build an organization. Therefore, I understand that the things are going to be tough.

Now to cope up planning is extremely necessary which is what I want to do right now.

Resolution 1: Write 10 business plans

By the end of 2014 I want to have at least 10 business plans ready in my hand. I need to work out the details of each and every plan and it is not as easy as I have put it. 10 different businesses, would it even be possible? I am hoping so, because I will be concentrating on the three major sectors:

  • Service (Hospitality and Experience Industry, especially)
  • Agriculture (Animal Husbandary, Fishiculture, Apiculture, Horticulture, etc)
  • Technology (Internet trading, online services, and so on…)

Now, I hope I am somehow familiar with the businesses in these sectors. The service sector is the one which is most distant to me; I need to learn more about this sector. I am fairly acquainted with the agriculture sector, which I still need to explore further. I have had firsthand experience as well in this sector.

Technology sector is also a viable sector for me, since I have a base on programming, blogging, and good grasp of technological developments especially the recent evolution of e-commerce and mobile technologies.

Resolution 2: Give continuity to blogging and arts

I have proclaimed myself to be a “jack of all trades”, which I think I really am. Therefore, I have these writing (blogging) and Arts which is not to be left behind. I mean I will give continuity to these two hobbies equally as I don’t have any alternative at present. I need to do them along with the study and other commitments.

Resolution 3: Job or external engagement

There’s still one year left for my graduation of BBA, which is still a good deal of time to engage and gain exposure. I will either take up a job, or increase my external engagement. This option is not as easy as it sounds, because I still don’t know even if a job schedule will be in harmony with my lecture hours. In that case, I will consider going on short tours and visit the pocket areas of different types of businesses. Mainly, I will analyze the possibility in the Agriculture sector but I hope I will get chances to learn more about other sectors as well.

Resolution 4: Reaching the national daily

I hope, I will get at least a few of my articles published in the national publications this year. If successful, this will not only be a source of motivation but also supportive to the other things I want to do. Therefore, I want to get my feet wet in this regard.

With these resolutions, I think I will be pretty busy for the whole year. Apart from these tasks I need to engage in plenty of recreational activities like travelling, movies, chatting and so on to avoid the monotony of the work and boredom of life.

Nothing to Lose & Many things to Gain

With all these activities, I want to make 2014 a remarkable year for myself. However, even if I fail at all of these activities with no achievement whatsoever, I will still have some experience of doing (or trying) something. I will still have the option to seek out for jobs with my Bachelor’s Degree Certificate in my hand.

Even if I accomplish any one of these resolutions really very well, I can still consider my year successful because that will give me a head-start in at least something. A great way to console myself!

Now, if I become successful in more than one of these activities, then that will still be good as these resolutions seem to be compatible with each other to me. So, there’s nothing to lose and many things to gain this year. I really need to keep myself going ahead with these commitments.

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