The Culture of Speaking Toot Toot Words!

Across all cultures and across all the languages, I found one tendency to be particularly common among the people. Whether it is the first world, or the Third World, this tendency seems almost universal. That is the tendency to speak the “Toot Toot” words.

Frankly speaking I’m not the student of anthropology or sociology who has studied the languages and cultures at depth. So, there is every chance that my claims are the result of my hasty generalization. Or it could be that someone had already wondered and pondered upon this topic! Despite all these, I believe that this trend is persistent in the cultures the world over and there’s a need to point it out and be fascinated or shocked by this discovery.

Upon my shallow study of a few cultures, including my very own Nepali, Hindi, and English to name a few, what I have found is the extensive use of such words. This little discovery has led me into wondering why on earth we speak such words, phrases, or the languages despite being aware that they are obscene or vulgar words.

One interesting (thing) fact is that most people use such words just by imitating others use them. That’s because although they use the words they seem to be ignorant about the meaning and the possible consequences of such uses. They in reality don’t know the verbal or etymological meaning of at least some of the words they say.

This is especially true when someone borrows such terms from the second language. And what is most fascinating is that some of such terms are appalling in the culture concerned as most of their verbal meaning in the original language is some kind of incestuous relationship which is forbidden in most of the cultures and is therefore, considered a taboo.

Now, by now, it is evident, at least to me, that speaking such words is a reality of our life, whether we accept it or not! This extensive use has brought about curiosity in me to learn the reason behind using such words.

At this instant, I remember uttering some of the milder words silently in my mind when I feel aggressive and moody. So, one clear reason from my own introspection is the expression of aggression which motivates the people to speak toot toot words.

Another common use is when someone is upset with someone else and he scolds that person. Again the reason is aggression if we generalize it.

Next reason of using such language among the male friends is to demonstrate their masculinity. Females, on the other hand, tend to use such words less. Now if we consider the general rule men are supposed to be hard and aggressive while the women are considered soft and peace loving. Therefore, this might also be the result of our social conditioning.

Now to sum it up, just like smoking and drinking, about which people are well aware of negative consequences, people also know about the vulgarity of such words. Despite such acknowledgement, just like they choose to smoke and drink, same rules applies to the toot toot words.

I hereby, don’t claim that everybody uses such words, just as I don’t say that everyone is a smoker and drinker. Yet, I can safely claim that most of the people use such words. I don’t call it bad. But is it any good? Your views in the comments please.

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