Being productive during Load Shedding Hours

Load Shedding not only hampers our everyday life but also our business and our productivity. Due to the electricity shortages a lot of businesses cannot run their factories. The young people can’t use the internet, especially the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The ladies can’t watch their favorite TV serials. The children can’t watch cartoons and play video games. The students can’t study during the evening and night. So, basically load shedding is a vice.

However, you can convert the load shedding hours into a useful time. The impacts of load shedding are different at day and night. Hence, we need to devise our plan accordingly.

If you are a Facebook addict or a TV addict then load shedding is more an opportunity for you. During load shedding you can do the following things.

Daytime activities

  1. Meet your relatives and converse with them. Increase your social interaction and networks which will be useful to you in the future. Being social is all about giving and receiving help and support to one another at times of difficulties and crisis.
  2. Go on a tour to a local touristic place (domestic tourism). That will not only provide you with knowledge and experience but also give you good refreshment from the monotonous life. Thus, consider going on excursions according to your feasibility.
  3. Pursue your hobbies that don’t require electricity. Read a novel, story books or anything you like. Engage in artworks like sketching, painting, sculptures, etc. Do something that is your favorite pastime. Try to become creative in finding out your hobbies and following them.
  4. Write something like your own journal, or poems or anything creative (for example, I write blog posts for my blogs when there is no electricity and post them when the electricity is there)
  5. Go for shopping or schedule your shopping hours at the time of load shedding. Shopping is particularly common in cities. You need to purchase grains, vegetables, apparels, stationeries, and so on. The right time to do so is during the power cut.

Do anything which you can do without electricity. For example, I make sketches and paintings; write blog posts in my laptop; engage in gardening and vegetable gardening; and so on. Being engaged in something and getting knowledge and experience in it is the key thing.

Nighttime Activities

During night, if you like it and know about it, then meditation is my number one recommendation. Even if there’s load shedding you’ll have a faint light of the moon. So, meditation is the ideal thing to do. Relax yourself and have a quality time with yourself through meditation. It will refresh your mind and body and then help your explore more of yourself. While you meditate, try not to bore your mind with imaginations and thoughts, just enjoy the bliss of tranquility (peace) and stay patient till you meditate. You can meditate for as short as a couple of minutes to as long as half an hour. The longer, you meditate, the better because initially your time will be spent in clearing away your random thoughts of your mind.

You can also do some stretching exercises for physical fitness. Go out to the balcony, or terrace, and then get started with some mild exercises. You can even dance in the rhythm of your favorite music in a low volume with the help of your mobile phone or mp3 player. Dance is also a good form of exercise, apart from being a tool for entertainment, which you can do within your room if there is some faint light to avoid mishaps. This will help you remain fresh and healthy.

These activities will ultimately help you to remain fresh and become prepared to get more out of the time when there is power, that is, boosts up your productivity. This is extremely necessary, since you get almost half of the time to do full of your works (which you would do in presence of 24 hours of electricity).

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