Blogging for leadership and success

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What is blogging?

Blogging is an online medium to chase your hobby, interest, business or career by means of technology. You explore your hobby by penning down your ideas, sharing them with the world, and discussing on those ideas. The medium that lets you do all these is your blog. All the activities you do in the process constitute blogging.

So, blogging essentially involves creating a blog, creating contents (written articles, photographs, and videos; or appropriate mixes of these media to create multimedia content) and publishing it in the blog.

Content creation, especially writing is the core activity of blogging. Writing is central in many tasks that require communication of ideas like, planning, research, business deals, reporting, and many more. Whether to plan or to log, writing is crucial.

That planning and logging, in this age of Information Technology, can be aided or done though blog. In fact, blog was derived from a word known as “weblog” which means, keeping the logs or records of the web activities. Later, this word evolved into blog, with increased scope, purpose and use. In a sentence, I call this a very useful tool to pursue anything you want (e.g.: hobby, career, etc.)

A common misconception which is not totally false

Many people have misconception that blogging is done to earn money. Although there are both direct (product marketing, advertising, etc.) and indirect (getting work contracts) ways to make money through blog, it is not its primary purpose. Everyone may not be able to earn money through blogging. Nevertheless, there are many other benefits that make blogging worthy.

Why should you blog?

Pursue your hobby

Pursuing one’s hobby or interest is a prime reason to blog. If you want to develop extra skills, knowledge and talent at something, then you can blog about it. Blogging creates your online presence in the topic of your interest, be it anything. It motivates you to work continuously through comments and feedback from your audiences and network. However, more specific (narrow) topic is preferred to general (broad) ones when selecting a topic.


It is also a platform to build relationship with people related to your field of interest. One specific feature of blog is that its audience have common interest with the author. Hence, you can find like-minded friends, teammates and partners to conduct the activities of your wish while blogging. Many a times, the audience will comment on your articles, contact you, befriend you, and request you to collaborate with them.

Enhance your Career

Another significant benefit is personality development. You can spice up your resume by including your blog in it. Trust me, it will make you stand out among the crowds.

Promote your business

If you have some product to sell, you can list it in your blog. Your blog will be a marketing platform to advertise your products and explain about it to your prospective customers. It will add value to your business.

Develop Professionalism

Likewise, we talk about professionalism in our career. Additional knowledge and expertise gained through blogging can make foundation for specialization. Specialization will eventually help develop professionalism in whatever we do.

Limitless Income Opportunities

Limitless income opportunities and trade deals are possible through blogging. Income opportunities include product development and selling, ad space selling, service marketing, and more. Moreover, if you blog, you will become an authority and trustworthy person in your blog theme, and they will contact you for work contracts, trade deals and the like depending upon the focus of your blog.

Blog for leadership and success

If you think blogging can be useful to you, then learn more about it through the internet and start blogging. The benefits will be worth the efforts you have invested in. Find your hobby, blog about it, achieve success, and be the leader in your field. Mind it, blogging is for everyone, not only for tech geeks.

Considering its immense likely benefits, I urge every Nepalese citizen to blog. The possible benefits are countless while the loss is next to nothing. Blogging is free ( and and you can blog during your free time. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have improved writing and technical skills, increased knowledge level, network with like-minded people, recognition and reputation, etc. The maximum loss will be your time invested in it. So, why not start a blog today?

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