Entrepreneurs don’t wait for Opportunity to intervene! They Initiate!

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During my childhood I used to expect perfection in everything; the programs conducted in the schools, arts and our daily activities. I demanded everything to be done in proper manner, perfectly. I wanted teachers to be perfect. I couldn't even stand the spelling errors. That’s why I used to write most of the words correctly, making them compatible with the edited books. I was a purist and a utopian.

It took me too long to realize how chaotic the world is. Utopia? It is out of question or imagination. Utopia, as I think of it today, doesn't even exist in our imagination or that we cannot properly imagine a utopia. When we imagine it, we imagine the relative utopia: a more ordered and morally compliant world than our earth.

Perfection and utopia are nonexistent, and this is the harsh reality I have come to acknowledge from my personal experience and cognition. Achieving the zenith of perfection is a vanity. Consummation is a fake word. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect. And we are among the same class of imperfect beings.

So you are perfectly alright to initiate, do and achieve something. You have to do something – whether you are perfect or not. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then you better realize this reality fast and get started today.

Opportunity may or may not knock at your door. I wish you are lucky enough for opportunity to intervene in your life. But when an opportunity comes, many a times we feel that we are unsuitable for it because we are not well prepared. We don’t have a base to grab that opportunity. Consequently, opportunity, even if it intervenes, becomes a bitter fruit as it fades away.

However, there’s good news for you. You can initiate. You can revolt a change in you. You can plan to do something and work out your plans. You can do miracles if you want!

Great entrepreneurs of the world have been doing the same thing. If we talk about Henry Ford, he changed the way how the automobiles are assembled, by using the concept of assembly line and became greatly successful in reaping benefits from applying the innovative concept.

Sometimes you might miss an opportunity because you are not doing anything, and thus not in the position to take advantage of that opportunity. Let's get back to the example of assembly line. For instance, the concept of assembly line was introduced long before. However, not everyone was in the position to take advantage of it. Henry Ford and some other businesspersons from that time onward, only were and are in that position. That is because they are doing something already. They have by then taken initiation in something. Now, because they started without waiting for an opportunity, they have reached a point where they can take control of an opportunity.

So, don't wait for opportunity! Just initiate!

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