Why I terminated my Hosting account and started using Blogger!

It was August 3rd, 2013, when my one year old Hosting account in JustHost was going to expire. And unfortunately, I was unable to renew the account for two important reasons:
  1. I didn't have any medium to make online payment
  2. Renewal cost was exceptionally higher than the promotional price of web host.
When I was using free hosts, before using a paid hosted server, I had to cope up with various limitations of the “so-called” free hosts. Therefore, when I had got a chance to buy a hosting package using my friends Prepaid MasterCard, I had immediately bought one thinking that the money generated through my blogs (using Adsense) will suffice to bear the cost of web-host and domain. However, that didn't turn out to be true.

First of all, my Adsense earnings average around 10 dollars a month. That money was sufficient to cover my expenses in the first year ($30 for 3 domains, and $43 for 1 year unlimited hosting package). Hence I had expected that the cost will be manageable even though they would rise to certain extent in the future. I had further hoped that my earnings would increase. However, I was wrong in both fronts.

In the second year, the webhost would be charging a normal rate @ US $9.99 a month if renewal is done for a period of 1 year (for multi-year purchase it was slightly lower). Similarly, the cost of domain renewal increased by slightly more than one dollar per domain to $11.11.

Therefore, $33 divided by 12 months averages 3 dollar a month, added with 10$ monthly webhost's charge makes the expenditure at US $13 per month which now exceeded my online income.

Moreover, the income is not guaranteed, it can fluctuate and even decrease (in fact that is what is happening in reality at present) while the cost is bound to increase year by year. Furthermore, I needed a payment method to pay these fees, which would again add up my cost thus making me technically unable to bear the cost at some point.

And I was sensing that point was very close. Consequently, I had dropped my webhost account. I have however retained my Dot Com domains. Their costs are pretty much bearable, and I am especially grateful to “NameCheap”, thanks to their price levels. (I would definitely recommend you to use Namecheap! I recently renewed my domains @ US $11.23 for the third time.)

Service-wise JustHost was excellent, I never had to deal with any serious issue or problem. Even on the cost front, it was cheaper than many hosts and which is why it was my selection. However, the regular prices are just too high for me to bear at present.

Afterwards, I have been using blogger which is free and works perfectly fine. It’s fast and reliable. It has additional SEO benefits and therefore I recommend this platform for everyone! Now, upon using blogger, I have no worries regarding cost and other factors. That decision, seems even more relevant at present because, I recently got my domains renewed with a great problem, due to lack of payment system. Sincere thanks to my friend Prabal for helping me out.

Blogger has provided me a sustainable and hassle-free way to show my online presence. I will keep on blogging for the rest of my life, no matter what and probably, I will be using blogger all the way along!

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Google Inc, and its Blogger team for putting up a reliable alternative for those of us who are slightly beyond the reach of latest technologies and premium services.

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