Almost everyone is busy in the developed countries because they get flexible jobs like part-time jobs, commission basis jobs, and so on. However, why don’t we have such jobs here in our country?

Part time jobs are highly essential to be introduced in the Nepalese market and the right time cannot be further from now. It has many advantages to the employers, employees and the economy as a whole. Entrepreneurs in our country need to understand and exploit this innovative opportunity.

Why part-time job is necessary?

Nepalese organizations are not professional. For instance, a simple organization like a computer teaching institute is not profitable if it runs computer tuition classes only. It has to modify itself according to the changing seasons. For example, prior to the SLC and +2 board examinations the organizations need to run tuition classes on the regular academic courses. They get students for computer tuition only in the post SLC and post +2 scenario. This is one simple example. Many organizations in fact find themselves in the similar situation. Introduction of part time jobs can be, thus, highly helpful to them.