Part Time Jobs in Nepal

Almost everyone is busy in the developed countries because they get flexible jobs like part-time jobs, commission basis jobs, and so on. However, why don’t we have such jobs here in our country?

Part time jobs are highly essential to be introduced in the Nepalese market and the right time cannot be further from now. It has many advantages to the employers, employees and the economy as a whole. Entrepreneurs in our country need to understand and exploit this innovative opportunity.

Why part-time job is necessary?

Nepalese organizations are not professional. For instance, a simple organization like a computer teaching institute is not profitable if it runs computer tuition classes only. It has to modify itself according to the changing seasons. For example, prior to the SLC and +2 board examinations the organizations need to run tuition classes on the regular academic courses. They get students for computer tuition only in the post SLC and post +2 scenario. This is one simple example. Many organizations in fact find themselves in the similar situation. Introduction of part time jobs can be, thus, highly helpful to them.


Just like the example above, the organizations which are diversified, seasonal and volatile can gain by using part-time philosophy. They can change their employment pattern according to the change in their requirements. Part-time jobs will help them hire and fire the employees more easily and flexibly based upon their actual needs.


Similarly, the employees will also be better-off. They can specialize and work in more than one firms when there is not enough work load in a single firm. Because they are specialized in one work, they are highly skillful in that activity. As a result, the customer experience is also great. Moreover, they can earn all they can in the right season/time, and get leisure in the off-season, in which they can either relax, or do something else like another type of job, in case their skills have seasonal demands. Ultimately, their earning will be maximized in a limited time frame or their earning potential is maximized along with flexibility to enjoy the leisure.


The part-time jobs increases the size of workforce. This has benefits to employers like: greater pool of manpower to select. Second, the active workforce tries to become engaged in as many organization as possible because of the flexible working schedule. The higher engagement of employees will thus enhance their job-specific skills. Ultimately, all the parties are benefitted. Employer through increased productivity, consumers through quality service, and the employees through increased income, higher satisfaction, higher flexibility and the like.

Designing part-time jobs

While it is easy to talk about part time job, it is equally challenging to design and even more challenging to implement it. In most of the current organizational settings, it might still be unfeasible for the managers to introduce this kind of change. However, part-time jobs are the future of the businesses.

Designing part-time job requires adopting many innovative changes like changing work-patterns, working-schedules, and addressing resulting security issues. The situation is exacerbated by the underdeveloped market in the case of our country in which it is difficult to specialize in one particular activity and earn a living solely from it. However, along with the passage of time, we can expect that such uncertainties, and dynamics will become manageable and we will be able to establish the culture of doing part time jobs.

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