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I had set four New Year Resolutions at the beginning of 2014. I now want to evaluate my achievements against my targets at the end of the year. (PS: Because I took so long time to publish it, I have marked, Post Script (PS), to express the events which are relevant but took place after 2014.)

1) Write 10 business plans

So far, I managed to write two almost detailed plans, and generated 10 other business ideas, which are a bit vague and of larger scale. I even got some partnership offers (a few offers from my senior friend from Germany in the field of IT and e-commerce, and another from my junior friend of my college, again in the field of e-commerce) although, we have not progressed much yet on those regards. However, all in all it was quite a learning experience. In future, I hope to be able to keep forth my terms clearly and get things done on those terms whenever such opportunities arise.