Review of the Year, 2014

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I had set four New Year Resolutions at the beginning of 2014. I now want to evaluate my achievements against my targets at the end of the year. (PS: Because I took so long time to publish it, I have marked, Post Script (PS), to express the events which are relevant but took place after 2014.)

1) Write 10 business plans

So far, I managed to write two almost detailed plans, and generated 10 other business ideas, which are a bit vague and of larger scale. I even got some partnership offers (a few offers from my senior friend from Germany in the field of IT and e-commerce, and another from my junior friend of my college, again in the field of e-commerce) although, we have not progressed much yet on those regards. However, all in all it was quite a learning experience. In future, I hope to be able to keep forth my terms clearly and get things done on those terms whenever such opportunities arise.

2) Continuity to blogging and arts

Blogging was a bit affected in terms of posting. However, I took some strategic moves to reduce and consolidate my blogging efforts into a fewer blogs. I deleted two blogs and handed over three other blogs to others, by soliciting my intention to do so through Facebook. Now I am concentrating on three personal blogs, all of which have a commercial domain name, and one social blog of our Alumni Organization – SOS HGS Alumni Association, Bharatpur.

On the front of arts, my works were immense. I made a goal to compose one painting daily, after I left teaching when the “additional coaching” season was over. I, in fact, worked quite hard and was successful to some extent. However, in about two months’ time, I started suffering from eyes problem which made me realize my capacity limit!

Even after I decided that I couldn’t paint anymore due to eye problem, I didn’t stop my efforts on arts. I heavily worked on framing the ready paintings. Particularly, the frame was difficult to obtain and framing was costly. In order to get a frame, I contacted two furniture factory, one in my hometown, Chitwan and another in Kathmandu. I visited several shops but couldn’t get frames suitable for paintings in the meantime. In the end, I managed to reduce the overall framing cost to almost two third of the prevailing market rate. Hard work paid off this time, and I’m happy so far. Now my next effort is to sell some paintings and do some charity.

(PS: I have sold two paintings and contributed proceed to charities: NRs. 1300 to Leo Club of Bharatpur, and NRs. 1400 worth of Noodles to the Earthquake afflicted people in a “Relief Material Collection” program conducted by Leos of Chitwan jointly in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake in Nepal, in separate occasions.)

3. Job or external engagement

This resolution went excellent. I took up teaching and taught tuitions and professional course of Tally. Harmonizing it with other schedules was difficult. However, it was managed and provided me quite an experience of interacting in a teacher-student relationship. I participated in LCCI Nepal’s “Skills for Employment” training at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort. I joined Leo Club of Bharatpur, although I have not been able to achieve significant benefit from it in terms of personality development and leadership. Hope I will do so in the coming year. Nevertheless, I was more active in social sectors this year. I actively participated in several social welfare activities of different kinds like stationery distribution to needy children, awareness programme about autism, training about organic methods of preparing insecticides and pesticides, and so forth.

4. Reaching a National Daily

This meant, getting my articles published in national level newspaper. I did not do much on this resolution. Yet, I wrote an article and submitted to 2 daily portals. There was no response since my article was probably not fitting with the portal’s sections. .

Overall Evaluation

I think the year has been remarkable. It was relentless. Alongside painting in the daytime, I watched a lot of movies and played Candy Crush game in the morning and evening which intensified the stress to my eyes consequently bringing a grounding halt to reading, watching movies, painting and doing anything that needed vision intensively.

(PS: This problem has been roughly identified as Computer Vision Syndrome, and I strongly believe that I have caught allergy with laptop, and mobile screens. I am using ARC coated glass which is not being fully effective.)

Finally, I have determined what to do and what not to do. Just as it is important to know what to do, it is equally important to know what not to do (so that time can be saved). What things are worth doing and what are not are being clearer to me. I can now boldly say that, 2014 was the year for me! I made a lot of decisions, got a lot of issues to think about, and solved some of them in my own terms to drive results in my favor. This year definitely made me more strategic. This year ended up with a Library Establishment project, a step in the social service from SOS HGS Alumni Association, Bharatpur (SAAB), of which I am a proud and active Vice President.

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