Why We Are Being Educated Ignorants!

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Have you thrown waste directly into the road? Have you eaten food without washing your hands sometimes? Have you crossed roads from places other than zebra crossings? Have you spitted on the road recklessly? These are only a few examples you know you shouldn't have done, if you are reading this article. However, the chances are that you have done all of these things, and that also quite a number of times, if you are from Nepal or possibly from any other developing nation.

Even I have done these things to make up to the list of the educated ignorants! That has made me wonder why our behaviors haven't change with our education? Is there something wrong with education system? Otherwise, why are we not able to implement the knowledge we have learnt right during our primary schools? Then there are the developed countries, where such things are properly managed swiftly like a magic.

Interestingly, there are occasions when we, the educated ignorants, have followed these kinds of rules obediently. For example, do we throw discarded vouchers directly on the floors at PRIVATE banks and private hospitals? People have no problem complying to rules in such places.

Then why do our behaviors differ with place and other factors? We are same people, having same culture, and from same country. Still we exhibit behaviors that differ with place or some other factors. A natural question arises: why?

All these years, I have been wondering about this matter and finally I feel like I have found out the answer. The key lies in the "SYSTEM". Banks have a neat and tidy floor and they do have dustbins in appropriate places, which is why people use the bins. The thing is systematic and thus easy to follow and therefore, people follow the rules. Most of the people do know that they should use the bin; some others fear about being uneducated; while the rest just follow the system, seeing others do it!

Now, this little knowledge has tremendous applications. You want people (customers, employees, etc) to behave certain way, in your organizations. Devise a system that people can follow. Improvise it continuously to make it even easier to follow. If you are consistently telling people to do something but they are not listening to you, then there's some work for you to do with the system, not with the people.

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  1. Nice write bro! Maybe you could have made it a little elaborate towards the end (with another example or something. )