A Concept of Sport Megacity

You don't have to be crazy to think crazy and there is no limit for dreams and ambitions! Today I would like to unveil my most ambitious (project) thought regarding building something - a sport mega-city. I have some other innovative plans or concepts for entrepreneurship. I have kept those business plans
A very rough outline of the city!
confidential and to myself so that I can execute them later. However, this concept is too big for me to ever be able to execute myself and I want to initiate some actions (even just discussion) on this mega-project right from now so that it could take shape sooner, if ever at all.

Initially I didn't want to make this plan public. So, I had created a Google Document, made a rough draft of my idea or vision and added my talented and capable friends as contributors to the document, so that they could offer suggestions, add their own visions, and finally help me refine and construct a full fledged plan. However, this idea turned out to be impractical as my friends had their own responsibilities and obligations to meet. Therefore, I am bringing forth this idea into a public place.


To build a large and sophisticated sport city in Nepal which is backed by sport tourism. The city will be among the most eco-friendly and well managed cities of the world. Like the “IT City” Bangalore, “Entertainment’s Capital” or the Resort City Las Vegas, and so forth, this dream city will be “Sport’s Capital” of the world.


Sport is a recreational activity for both players and audience. Sport industry is thus an entertainment industry which has an everlasting scope. The project’s mission is to establish Nepal as a hub for sport industry and uplift Nepal’s sport in overall by creating a “Sport Megacity”


Sport industry is a huge industry. It involves many economic activities, among which, the major ones are listed below:
  • Conducting Sport Training
  • Sport Schooling (Universities that teach sport education)
  • Providing Facilities for “Practicing” or “Preparation” or “Test/Friendly Matches”
  • Conducting Sport Research (To aid sport education as well as to aid sportsmens achieve excellence)
  • Organizing Sport Events (or Competitions, like the “World Cup”)
  • Organizing Sport Meetings, Conventions, Seminars and Workshops
  • Trading Sport Equipment, Materials, and so on.
  • Counselling Services

Along with these economic activities, the following economic activities will be automatically boosted:
  • Employment for general people in hotels, markets, transports, etc)
  • Hotel Industry (Fooding, Lodging, Seminar Halls)
  • Residence for people (Apartment and Housing or the Real Estate business)
  • Trade (esp. shopping centers which serve the needs of the people)
  • Restaurants and Fast Food centers

The city will adopt the best practices in the sector of technology, management and so on across the whole project, some of which are outlined below:

  • Fair employment based upon people’s skills and capacity with latest remuneration scheme and human Resource Management Practices.
  • Transparency in all the financial affairs (and other social, and legal affairs if required)
  • Knowledge management to make the best use of the all the resources available (also applying the concept of Total Quality Management TQM)
  • Strictly maintaining professionalism (नो नाताबाद, नो हाम्रो बाद)

Project Financing Requirements

The project's financial needs are immensely, literally immensely, huge to be projected in advance. The project has to meet financing requirements through different strategies and financing models. Banks and private sectors’ investment will not be enough. We need to attract investors from abroad as well. We need to bring in the required expertise as well from abroad. The city’s financial requirement can be expected to exceed $100 billion.

City’s Physical Outline

The city's outline is just an indication of the vision  for now. Actual city plan has to be based upon

Conceptual Art of Sport City!
Around it will be the Sport Universities and Research Centres. Sport Universities will impart both theoretical and practical sport related education. Research Centres will be the bodies that will conduct the research, especially to bring about new knowledge, find new ways to approach sport and sport education, and the like. They can suggest both theoretical and pragmatic knowledge to the universities.

Research centres and Universities need to be highly sophisticated covering large area that can provide plenty of space to conduct academic activities related to sport.

Beyond the universities and research facilities, will lie the stadiums and playgrounds. All the facilities will possess the state-of-art infrastructure with latest engineering techniques and tools. Every structure needs to be exceptionally good, durable and environment friendly.

Further outside will be a ring road (large 8 lane road) which will connect the outside markets and residential areas to the city's main attraction!

Beyond that will be sport markets, markets and residential areas for the in-habitation of people. All kinds of trades will be exercised over there and sport markets will features all kinds of sport equipment for wide ranging sport activities.

This is the brief concept for now, and it doesn't even sound close to a megacity as of yet. However, this is something I think we need to do, in order to propel Nepal into a path of sustainable development.

(Date: 08/09/2015)

Nepal Government is planning to create a highly sophisticated ultra-modern city in Surkhet. It is reportedly a 20 year plan. How about converting it into a sport mega-city?

Western Nepal is especially suited to develop cities because, first of all it's not very developed and the human habitation is much thinner compared to eastern sides. That gives us two advantages:

1. The plain and barren land will facilitate the layout of the infrastructure in the beginning such as the road, electricity and water supply, drainage pipelines and the like.

2. The large open spaces are necessary for building the stadiums and sports fields. It would be more economical to buy land plots in these areas than anywhere else.

Also, the construction of a modern city in the western Nepal can bring about a balance with the east in the development of the country. Thus, the people of western Nepal can get access to the sophisticated market and services more easily and quickly.

This post will continue to evolve...

In the meantime, I would like to know your opinions on this matter in the comments below! Also, anyone who want to contribute to this project can contact me!

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