Why I want to be called an entrepreneur and not a businessperson?

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There are many ways in which entrepreneurs appear similar to businesspersons. However, I want to be known as an entrepreneur rather than a businessman.

In my opinion, businesspersons are profit driven and have aim to accumulate vast amount of wealth. Their motive for wealth creation might serve many purposes including personal satisfaction and competitive feeling. Probably that is why they take less risky decisions and thus go for established businesses practices rather than trying out newer highly innovative approaches.

However, I believe in new approaches that are innovative and worthy of pursuit. I think entrepreneurs go at lengths in risk-taking with their innovative ideas. I am motivated more by creativity and enjoyment in doing something new and different. My aim does not exclude wealth creation, however, my real enthusiasm comes from doing something new, something different or unique. I want to take unconventional approaches to business as opposed to businesspersons who struggle to comply with the convention.

Entrepreneurs are more motivated by creativity, change and achievement rather than wealth. They follow their passion more than money or anything else. For example, the famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerburg seem to be motivated more by their creative ideas rather than anything else.  They believed in making things cool rather than making the same things money machine. Their ideas later turned into a money making ideas, which is a different story altogether.

For entrepreneurs the goal of creativity and money are not exclusive but deeply integrated. Entrepreneurs possess a good blend of creativity and business orientation. They are also different from pure creators like the artists and scientists. So, in my opinion and understanding, entrepreneurs are somewhere between "scientists and artists" or pure creators and "businesspersons".

I would identify myself in that position! :)

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