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It's really really important to have an early start in life! This has been my new mantra for my life. This is true for almost everything, although it's not a good idea to generalize something! However, I just wanted to emphasize how important it is to be early in doing something.

A hypothetical example

Let me give you a hypothetical example to help you understand what I mean. Suppose, I graduated recently from my university, but didn't work while I was in my college or the university. This will translate into facing difficulty in getting a job after graduation. Employer always want people who have both academic qualification and some work experience. So, if you are early enough to realize this and start somewhere to collect work experience, say through volunteering or internship even if you cannot get a regular job, then you will be more qualified, more eligible and more likely to get a job. You will definitely increase the prospects of finding a job soon after your graduation.