July 2016

I feel privileged to get an opportunity to Represent La Trobe University in the CISA National Conference 2016. I am sincerely grateful to the university's administration, for providing me this
Collage showing the different activities that took place during the conference
opportunity. I have now prepared a summary report of my conference experience which I am going to share in this post. I hope it will enable you to know what we did and learnt in the meantime.

Design Cycle
Dr Julie Roberts, the Social Innovation Project Manager at Central Queensland University, initiated a social innovation workshop followed by a competition under the theme, “Bridging the gap between domestic and international students” during the CISA National Conference 2016, which I discussed in the previous post. She taught us the “Human-centred Design Thinking” technique to address the social problems.

Design thinking is an emerging technique that is being highly popular in different types of organisations to solve complex problems. The example of the products resulted from human-centred design thinking that were discussed include

I would like to #BreakBarriers of blogging and would like to give continuity to blogging which I had slowed down since arriving to Australia for various reasons. In this post, I am going to discuss my first ever experience of attending a Conference and reflect upon the lessons I learnt there.

A Very Positive Experience

It was an amazing experience to represent my University, La Trobe, in the Council of International Students (CISA) National Conference 2016 that was held in Darwin between July 5-8. The Conference was fantastic opportunity to meet with lots of fellow students from different universities in different states and coming from diverse backgrounds and listen to their student stories and issues. Also we got chance to hear from different stakeholders such as industry delegates, education officers and the immigration officer to name a few. It was very delighting to learn about the huge amount of efforts that different organisations are putting forth for improving the educational experience of international students which made me feel really grateful.

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