CISA National Conference 2016 Report

I feel privileged to get an opportunity to Represent La Trobe University in the CISA National Conference 2016. I am sincerely grateful to the university's administration, for providing me this
Collage showing the different activities that took place during the conference
opportunity. I have now prepared a summary report of my conference experience which I am going to share in this post. I hope it will enable you to know what we did and learnt in the meantime.

I have tried my best to keep the report brief, informative and easy to follow wherever possible. I have attached it as Google Drive document for easy sharing. The report mainly discusses the following things:

  • CISA - scope and its future
  • Policy related issues in International and Transnational Education Sector
  • New immigration policy on student visa
  • Your workplace rights and how you can safeguard them through Fairwork Ombudsman
  • Role of Communication or Interpersonal Skills in getting a job
  • Taking advantage from "Student Services"
  • Our experiences and casual moments :)
 Please provide me your feedback through comments and let me know if there is something you feel about it. I will really appreciate your comments.

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